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Lee, Chuen Neng
Lee, C.N.
Lee, C.-N.
Chuen, N.L.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12010Addendum to "Exosome secreted by MSC reduces myocardial ischemia/reperfusion injury" [Stem Cell Research 4 (2010) 214-222] (DOI:10.1016/j.scr.2009.12.003)Lai, R.C.; Chen, T.S.; Lim, S.K. ; Arslan, F.; Timmers, L.; Pasterkamp, G.; de, Kleijn D.P.V.; Lee, M.M.; CHOO BOON HWA,ANDRE ; Sze, S.K.; Salto-Tellez, M. ; Lee, C.N. ; El, Oakley R.M. 
22010Addendum to "Exosome secreted by MSC reduces myocardial ischemia/reperfusion injury" [Stem Cell Research 4 (2010) 214-222] (DOI:10.1016/j.scr.2009.12.003)Lai, R.C.; Chen, T.S. ; Lim, S.K. ; Lai, R.C.; Arslan, F.; Timmers, L.; Pasterkamp, G.; de, Kleijn D.P.V.; Lee, M.M.; Choo, A.; Sze, S.K. ; Choo, A. ; Salto-Tellez, M. ; Lee, C.N. ; El, Oakley R.M. ; Lim, S.K. ; de, Kleijn D.P.V.
31994Age-related changes in normal Chinese hearts.Adebo, O.A.; Lun, K.C. ; Lee, C.N. ; Chao, T.C.
42002An Interesting Case of Left Atrial MyxomaTay, M.H.; Lau, K.W.; Ding, Z.P.; Lee, C.N. 
51994Aortic root cardioplegia: An adequate method for myocardial protection in complete occlusion of the left main coronary arterySim, E.K.W. ; Lee, C.N. ; Soo, C.S.; Ling, L.H.
6Oct-2002Aortic Surgery in AsiaLee, C.-N. ; Sin, Y.K. 
71-Aug-2005Cardiac herniation after resection of pericardial thymic cystNumata, S.; Aye, W.M.M.; Chuen, N.L. 
82007Characterization of smooth muscle cells on poly(ε-caprolactone) filmsChong, M.S.K.; Lee, C.N. ; Teoh, S.H. 
92004Combined blunt aortic and bronchial injuryWong, P.-S. ; Koirala, R.R.; Lee, C.-N. 
102007Combined Open and Endovascular Repair of Acute Type A Aortic DissectionSorokin, V.A.; Chong, C.F.; Lee, C.N. ; Wong, P.S. ; Tan, L. ; Robless, P.A. 
111991Combined resection of hepatoblastoma and intracaval right atrial extension with profound hypothermia and circulatory arrestMestres, C.A. ; Adebo, O.A.; Lee, C.N. ; Prabhakaran, K. ; Kum, C.K.
122007Comparison of clinical with pathological nodal staging from systematic mediastinal lymph node dissection in early resectable non-small cell lung cancerChong, C.F.; Lee, C.N. ; Wong, P.S. ; Khoo, K.L.; Lim, T.K. ; Lim, H.L.; Chang, A.Y.
132008Comparison of Mini-Cardiopulmonary Bypass System With Air-Purge Device to Conventional Bypass SystemTi, L.K. ; Goh, B.-L.; Wong, P.-S. ; Ong, P.; Goh, S.-G.; Lee, C.-N. 
142008Consequences of incomplete repair of acute type A aortic dissectionSorokin, V.A.; Kofidis, T. ; Woitek, F.; Martinez, E.C. ; Chuen, N.L. ; Klima, U. 
152008Contractile and vasorelaxant effects of hydrogen sulfide and its biosynthesis in the human internal mammary arteryWebb, G.D.; Oh, V.M.S. ; Soh, B.Y.; Taylor, E.A.; Lay, H.L. ; Yoke, P.C.; Ali, M.Y.; Bhatia, M. ; Moore, P.K. ; El, Oakley R. ; Chuen, N.L. ; Poo, S.W. ; Caleb, M.G. ; Salto-Tellez, M. ; Chan, E.S.Y.
161992Coronary artery bypass grafting in patients with left main coronary artery stenosis. Improved survival in a predominantly Oriental populationLee, C.N. ; Sim, E.K.W. ; Adebo, O.A.; Lim, L.C.; Lim, Y.G.; Tan, C.
171992Coronary artery bypass surgery in young patientsSim, E.K.W. ; Lee, C.N. ; Mestres, C.A. ; Lim, L.C.; Adebo, O.A.; Tan, C.T.T.
181990Current issues in heart transplantation.Lee, C.N. ; Lim, S.M. 
192010Derivation and characterization of human fetal MSCs: An alternative cell source for large-scale production of cardioprotective microparticlesLai, R.C.; Tan, S.S.; Chen, T.S. ; Teh, B.J.; Sidik, H.; Lim, S.K. ; Arslan, F.; Pasterkamp, G.; de, Kleijn D.P.V.; Tan, B.; Tanavde, V. ; CHOO BOON HWA,ANDRE ; Lee, M.M.; Eng, J.K.L.; Hwang, W.S.; Lee, C.N. ; Oakley, R.M.E. ; Tan, K.H. 
202009Development of cell-selective films for layered co-culturing of vascular progenitor cellsChong, M.S.K.; Teoh, S.-H. ; Chan, J. ; Choolani, M. ; Lee, C.-N.