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Sorokin, V.
Sorokin, V.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
126-Dec-2017A mysterious cause of constrictive pericarditis: unfolding of the missing linkArasaratnam P; Kojodjojo P; Sorokin V. 
21-May-2017Choosing the appropriate configuration and cannulation strategies for extracorporeal membrane oxygenation: the potential dynamic process of organ support and importance of hybrid modesSorokin V. ; MacLaren G. ; Vidanapathirana P.C.; Delnoij T.; Lorusso R.
32015Ethnicity modifies associations between cardiovascular risk factors and disease severity in parallel Dutch and Singapore coronary cohortsGijsberts C.M.; Seneviratna A.; De Carvalho L.P.; Den Ruijter H.M.; Vidanapthirana P.; Sorokin V. ; Stella P. ; Agostoni P.; Asselbergs F.W.; Richards A.M. ; Low A.F. ; Lee C.-H. ; Tan H.C. ; Hoefer I.E.; Pasterkamp G.; De Kleijn D.P.V. ; Chan M.Y. 
42014Extubation to facilitate mother-baby bonding in refractory acute respiratory distress syndromeMacLaren G ; RAMANATHAN K.R. ; Sorokin V 
52020Genetic and epigenetic mechanisms underlying vascular smooth muscle cell phenotypic modulation in abdominal aortic aneurysmGurung, R. ; Choong, A.M. ; Woo, C.C. ; Foo, R. ; Sorokin, V. 
618-Jul-2017Monocyte adhesion to atherosclerotic matrix proteins is enhanced by Asn-Gly-Arg deamidationDutta B.; Park J.E.; Kumar S.; Hao P.; Gallart-Palau X.; Serra A.; Ren Y.; Sorokin V. ; Lee C.N. ; Ho H.H.; De Kleijn D.; Sze S.K.
72020The interaction between 30b-5p miRNA and MBNL1 mRNA is involved in vascular smooth muscle cell differentiation in patients with coronary atherosclerosisWoo, C.C.; Liu, W.; Lin, X.Y.; Dorajoo, R.; Lee, K.W. ; Richards, A.M. ; Lee, C.N. ; Wongsurawat, T.; Nookaew, I.; Sorokin, V.