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11-Apr-2020A Novel Minimally Invasive Technique of Temporary Caval Occlusion for Right Heart SurgerySazzad, Faizus ; Kuzemczak, Micha; Kofidis, Theodoros 
28-Nov-2022A Scoping Review of The Percutaneous Coronary Intervention: Practice Transformation for the Operational AccessSazzad, Faizus ; Rahman, Arifur
319-Jan-2019Advancement of Cardiac Surgery- Current Status and Future DirectionSazzad, Md Faizus 
410-Aug-2020Alternative technique of long acting cardioplegia delivery results in less hemodilutionOng, Geok Seen; Guim, Goh Si; Lim, Qi Xuan; Chay-Nancy, Huang Shoo; Jaafar, Nurdiyana Binte ; Lim, Clara Anne; Clement, Chew Kai Hong; Sazzad, Faizus ; Kofidis, Theo
515-Oct-2019Aneurysmal coronary arteries with a giant coronary sinus fistula resulting in mitral regurgitationSazzad, Faizus ; KUZEMCZAK, MICHAL MARIA ; Ghafoor, Nusrat; Islam, Shaheedul
619-Sep-2017Aortic Dissection: Options and Reality!Sazzad, Md Faizus 
722-Aug-2017Aortic Dissection: Treatment Options and Hard Reality!Sazzad, Md Faizus 
816-Dec-2015Aortic sutureless bioprosthesis with concomitant Ferrazzi procedure, Coronary revascularization and Neo-fenestrated pericardial reconstruction: report of a caseSazzad, Md Faizus ; Puwalani, Vidanaptthirana Chirantha; Chang, Guohao; Tan, Julian; Kofidis, Theodoros 
97-Dec-2020Automated Fastener vs Hand-tied Knots in Heart Valve Surgery: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis.Sazzad, Faizus ; Ler, Ashlynn; Kuzemczak, Michal ; Ng, Shery; Choong, Andrew Mtl ; Kofidis, Theo
1014-Jun-2021Automated Suture Fastener Gaining Complete Commitment: Cumulative Propensity- Matched Comparison with Hand- Tied Knot in Heart Valve SurgerySazzad, Md Faizus 
1111-Apr-2020Cardioscopic Evaluation and Qualitative Estimation of Mitral Apparatus in A Quasi-Dynamic State in An Ex-Vivo Swine Heart ModelSazzad, Md Faizus ; Kofidis, Theo; Xian, Ong Zhi
1218-May-2020Comparison of outcomes of the use of Del Nido and St. Thomas cardioplegia in adult and paediatric cardiac surgery: a systematic review and meta-analysisLer, Ashlynn; Sazzad, Faizus ; Ong, Geok Seen; Kofidis, Theo
134-Oct-2021Comparison of the safety and efficacy between minimally invasive cardiac surgery and median sternotomy in a low-risk mixed Asian population in Singapore.Ong, Zhi Xian; Wu, Duoduo; Luo, Haidong; Chang, Guohao; MD FAIZUS SAZZAD ; Sule, Jai Ajitchandra; Hu, Peggy; Kofidis, Theo
146-Nov-2014Debranching of brachiocephalic trunk of DeBakey Type-I AoD followed by emergency TEVAR for subsequent aorto-esophageal fistula”- report of a caseSazzad, Md Faizus ; Swee, Kang Giap ; Teoh, Kristine LK 
1524-Feb-2022Design Variation, Implantation, and Outcome of Transcatheter Mitral Valve Prosthesis: A Comprehensive ReviewSazzad, Faizus ; Hon, Jimmy Kim Fatt ; Ramanathan, Kollengode; Nah, Jie Hui; Ong, Zhi Xian; Ti, Lian Kah ; Foo, Roger ; Tay, Edgar ; Kofidis, Theo
16Jan-2019Do It Better: Cross Mattress for Chest Drain Insertion Site Security Offers Quality Outcome in Chest Trauma Patients Required Tube Thoracostomy.Sazzad, MF ; Uddin, MA; Imran, MA; Ansary, AM; Musa, SA; Saha, H; Rahman, MM; Hoque, MR; Islam, MN; Sarkar, S; Tanchangya, G; Pal, AK; Alam, I; Ershad, MS; Kamruzzaman, M; Sultana, S
172018Does Mild to Moderate Renal Dysfunction in Non-Dialysis Dependent PatientsSazzad, Md Faizus ; Yasmin, Farzana; Salekin, Mohammad Serajus; Musa, Shamsul Arif Md; Saklayen, SMG; Hoque, Anamul; Siraj, Masoom
18Jul-2016Early Outcome of Primary Repair in Colonic Injury.Uddin, MA; Reza, ER; Islam, MS; Hoque, MR; Hussain, MF; Alam, I; Sazzad, MF ; Biswas, N; Kader, MS; Malek, MS; Sultana, F; Rahman, KS
19Jan-2022Effect of Omega-3 Polyunsaturated Fatty Acid on the Prevention of Atrial Fibrillation after Off-Pump Coronary Artery Bypass GraftingRakibuzzaman, AKM; Sazzad, Faizus ; Wadud, Mohammad Armane; Gafur, Md Abdul; Islam, Shahnaz; Jahan, Israt; Khan, Md Azizul Islam; Sarker, Rampada
2025-Mar-2017The effects of perioperative intra-aortic balloon counter pulsation on left ventricular function in patients undergoing coronary artery bypass graftingSazzad, Md Faizus ; Chanda, Prasanta Kumar; Ahmed, Farooque