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Leok Kheng, Kristine Teoh
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12019Assessing the impact of a pulmonary embolism response team and treatment protocol on patients presenting with pulmonary embolismJen WY; Kristanto W; Teo L ; Phua J ; Yip HW ; MacLaren G ; Teoh K ; Beng ST ; Loh J ; Ong CC ; Chee YL ; Kojodjojo P 
224-Jul-2017Cardiopulmonary bypass time: Every minute countsMadhavan S.; Chan S.-P.; Tan W.-C.; Eng J.; Li B.; Luo H.-D.; Teoh L.-K.K. 
36-Nov-2014Debranching of brachiocephalic trunk of DeBakey Type-I AoD followed by emergency TEVAR for subsequent aorto-esophageal fistula”- report of a caseSazzad, Md Faizus ; Swee, Kang Giap ; Teoh, Kristine LK 
42015Ethical dilemmas in adult ECMO: emerging conceptual challengesRAMANATHAN K.R. ; Cove M ; Caleb MG ; Teoh KL ; MacLaren G 
58-Jul-2020Meta-analysis of the benefit of beta-blockers for the reduction of isolated atrial fibrillation incidence after cardiac surgeryMasuda, Yoshio; Luo, Hai Dong ; Kang, Giap Swee ; Teoh, Kristine Leok-Kheng ; Kofidis, Theodoros 
61-Sep-2017Mid-term study of transcatheter aortic valve implantation in an Asian population with severe aortic stenosis: Two-year Valve Academic Research Consortium-2 outcomesChew N.; Hon J.K.F. ; Yip W.L.J.; Chan S.P.; Poh K.-K.; Kong W.K.-F.; Teoh K.L.K. ; Yeo T.C.; Tan H.C.; Tay E.L.W.
71-Jan-2022N-Acetylcysteine's Renoprotective Effect in Cardiac Surgery: A Systematic Review and Meta-AnalysisTan, Ying Kiat; Luo, HaiDong ; Kang, Giap Swee ; Teoh, Kristine LK ; Kofidis, Theo