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12010A national point-prevalence survey of the practice of sedation, analgesia, neuromuscular blockade and delirium assessment in adult intensive care units in SingaporeKoh J ; Tee A ; Phoo WH; Phua GC ; Leong KW ; Chia N; Goh SK ; Tan J ; Ho B; Tan CK ; MacLaren G ; Phua J 
21-Oct-2015After hours admission to icu - impact on mortalityHP Chan ; Z Puthucheary ; M Cove ; A Mukhopadhyay ; J Phua ; HS Yip 
32017Age related inverse dose relation of sedatives and analgesics in the intensive care unitMukhopadhyay A. ; Tai B.C. ; Remani D.; Phua J. ; Cove M.E. ; Kowitlawakul Y. 
4Oct-2010An element of surpriseTan, A.; Neo, W.T.; Phua, J. 
52019Assessing the impact of a pulmonary embolism response team and treatment protocol on patients presenting with pulmonary embolismJen WY; Kristanto W; Teo L ; Phua J ; Yip HW ; MacLaren G ; Teoh K ; Beng ST ; Loh J ; Ong CC ; Chee YL ; Kojodjojo P 
62013Characteristics and outcomes of culture-negative versus culture-positive severe sepsisPhua, J ; Ngerng, W.J; See, K.C ; Tay, C.K ; Kiong, T; Lim, H.F ; Chew, M.Y ; Yip, H.S ; Tan, A; Khalizah, H.J; Capistrano, R; Lee, K.H; Mukhopadhyay, A 
72015Differences in the handover process and perception between nurses and residents in a critical care settingAmartya Mukhopadhyay ; Leong Sieu Hon Benjamin ; Lua Adela; Aroos Rana; Wong Jie Jun; Koh Nicola; Goh Nicholette; See Kay Choong ; Phua Jason ; Kowitlawakul Yanika 
8Apr-2013Effect of a pleural checklist on patient safety in the ultrasound eraSee, K.C. ; Jamil, K.; Chua, A.P. ; Phua, J. ; Khoo, K.L. ; Lim, T.K. 
92017Frequency and prognostic impact of basic critical care echocardiography abnormalities in patients with acute respiratory distress syndromeSee, K.C ; Ng, J ; Siow, W.T ; Ong, V; Phua, J 
102014From ICU to emergency department: 9-year experience with non-invasive ventilation for COPDIbrahim, I. ; Phua, J. ; Goh, E.L.; Mahadevan, M. ; Lim, T.K. 
112020Hospital-based chronic disease care model: protocol for an effectiveness and implementation evaluationSumner, J. ; Phua, J. ; Lim, Y.W. 
1222-Sep-2021Is it time to revisit the PaO2/FiO2 ratio to define the severity of oxygenation in ARDS?Palanidurai, Sunitha; Phua, Jason ; Chan, Yiong Huak ; Mukhopadhyay, Amartya 
1313-Jun-2011Management of severe sepsis in patients admitted to Asian intensive care units: prospective cohort studyPhua, Jason ; Koh, Younsuck; Du, Bin; Tang, Yao-Qing; Divatia, Jigeeshu V; Tan, Cheng Cheng; Gomersall, Charles D; Faruq, Mohammad Omar; Shrestha, Babu Raja; Nguyen, Gia Binh; Arabi, Yaseen M; Salahuddin, Nawal; Wahyuprajitno, Bambang; Tu, Mei-Lien; Abd Wahab, Ahmad Yazid Haji; Hameed, Akmal A; Nishimura, Masaji; Procyshyn, Mark; Chan, Yiong Huak 
142016Nurse-performed screening for postextubation dysphagia: A retrospective cohort study in critically ill medical patientsSee, K.C ; Peng, S.Y; Phua, J ; Sum, C.L; Concepcion, J
152015Observation of handover process in an intensive care unit (ICU): Barriers and quality improvement strategyKowitlawakul, Y. ; Leong, B.S.H.; Lua, A.; Aroos, R.; Wong, J.J.; Koh, N. ; Goh, N.; See, K.C. ; Phua, J. ; Mukhopadhyay, A. 
164-Mar-2022One-Bed-One-Team-Does an Integrated General Hospital Inpatient Model Improve Care Outcomes and Productivity: An Observational StudyLai, Yi Feng ; Lee, Shi Qi; Tan, Yi-Roe; Lau, Zheng Yi; Phua, Jason ; Khoo, See Meng ; Gollamudi, Satya Pavan Kumar ; Lim, Cher Wee; Lim, Yee Wei 
179-Aug-2021P/FP ratio: incorporation of PEEP into the PaO2/FiO2 ratio for prognostication and classification of acute respiratory distress syndromePalanidurai, Sunitha; Phua, Jason ; Chan, Yiong Huak ; Mukhopadhyay, Amartya 
181-Jun-2021Predictors and outcomes of high-flow nasal cannula failure following extubation: A multicentre observational studyKansal, Amit; Dhanvijay, Shekhar; Li, Andrew; Phua, J. ; Cove, Matthew Edward; Ong, Wei Jun Dan; Puah, Ser Hon; Ng, Vicky; TAN QIAO LI ; Manalansan, Julipie Sumampong; Zamora, Michael Sharey Nocon; Vidanes, Michael Camba; Sahagun, Juliet Tolentino; Taculod, Juvel; TAN YONG HUI ADDY ; TAY CHEE KIANG MELVIN ; CHIA YEW WOON ; SEWA DUU WEN(CAI DUWEN) ; Chew, Meiying; Lew, Sennen JW; Goh, Shirley; Tan, Jonathan Jit-Ern; Ramanathan, Kollengode; Mukhopadhyay, A. ; See, K.C. 
192016Prognostic utility of the 2011 GOLD classification and other multidimensional tools in asian COPD patients: A prospective cohort studyChan H.P. ; Mukhopadhyay A. ; Poh Chong P.L.; Chin S.; Wong X.Y.; Ong V.; Chan Y.H. ; Lim T.K. ; Phua J. 
20Oct-2015Prognostication in Patients With Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Using the BOS IndexHiang Ping Chan ; Amartya Mukhopadhyay ; Pauline Chong; Sally Chin; Xue Yun Wong; Venetia Ong; Yiong Huak Chan ; Tow Keang Lim ; Jason Phua