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Malcolm Ravindran
Mahadevan, M.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
130-May-202124-hr observation unit is safe location for rapid glucose control in uncomplicated severe hyperglycaemiaIbrahim, I ; Macatangay, R; Chai, CY; Khoo, CM ; Mahadevan, M 
21-May-2021A safe and efficient, naturally ventilated structure for COVID-19 surge capacity in SingaporeBagdasarian, N; Mathews, I; Ng, AJY; Liu, EH ; Sin, C; Mahadevan, M ; Fisher, DA 
32014From ICU to emergency department: 9-year experience with non-invasive ventilation for COPDIbrahim, I. ; Phua, J. ; Goh, E.L.; Mahadevan, M. ; Lim, T.K. 
49-Mar-2020Management of acute pyelonephritis in the emergency department observation unit.Khoo, Kathleen Swee Min; Lim, Zhen Yu; Chai, Chew Yian ; Mahadevan, Malcolm ; Kuan, Win Sen 
52011Outcome effectiveness of the severe sepsis resuscitation bundle with addition of lactate clearance as a bundle item: A multi-national evaluationNguyen, H.B; Kuan, W.S ; Batech, M; Shrikhande, P; Mahadevan, M ; Li, C.-H; Ray, S; Dengel, A
6Mar-2011Primary spontaneous pneumothorax-the role of the emergency observation unitKuan, W.S. ; Lather, K.S.; Mahadevan, M. 
72020Responding to COVID-19: How an academic infectious diseases division mobilized in SingaporeArchuleta, S. ; Cross, G. ; Somani, J. ; Lum, L. ; Santosa, A. ; Alagha, R.A.; Allen, D.M. ; Ang, A.; Beh, D.; Chai, L. ; Chan, S.M.; Lim, S.M. ; Olszyna, D.P. ; Ong, C. ; Oon, J. ; Salada, B.M.A.; Smitasin, N. ; Sun, L.; Tambyah, P.A. ; Tham, S.M.; Yan, G.; Yee, C.H.; Dan, Yock Young ; Jureen, R. ; Tee, N. ; Mahadevan, M. ; Yau, Y.W. ; Quek, S.C. ; Liu, Eugene H. ; Sin, C.; Bagdasarian, Natasha ; Fisher, D.A. 
89-Aug-2019Risk Factors for Emergency Department Unscheduled Return VisitsCrystal Harn Wei Soh; Ziwei Lin; Darius Shaw Teng Pan; Weng Hoe Ho ; Malcolm Mahadevan ; Mui Teng Chua ; Win Sen Kuan