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Irwani Binte Ibrahim
Ibrahim, Irwani
Ibrahim, I.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
130-May-202124-hr observation unit is safe location for rapid glucose control in uncomplicated severe hyperglycaemiaIbrahim, I ; Macatangay, R; Chai, CY; Khoo, CM ; Mahadevan, M 
218-Jul-2019Agreement between arterial and venous blood gases in trauma resuscitation in emergency department (AGREE)Boon, Yuru; Kuan, Win Sen ; Chan, Yiong Huak ; Ibrahim, Irwani ; Chua, Mui Teng 
31-Sep-2016An Indispensable Procedure to Complete Passive Leg Raising ReplyKuan, Win Sen ; Ibrahim, Irwani ; Leong, Benjamin SH; Mahadevan, Malcolm; Jain, Swati
42017An unusual cause of food-induced anaphylaxis in mothersSoh, J.Y ; Chiang, W.C ; Huang, C.H ; Woo, C.K; Ibrahim, I ; Heng, K ; Pramanick, A; Lee, B.W 
51-Feb-2019Appropriateness of blood culture: A comparison of practices between the emergency department and general wardsChoi, ECE; Chia, YH; Koh, YQ; Lim, CZQ; Lim, JC; Ooi, SBS ; Ibrahim, I ; Kuan, WS 
610-Sep-2020Asynchronous platform for a resident research showcaseIbrahim, Irwani ; Kuan, Win Sen ; Tan, Eugene Yi Qun ; See, Kay Choong 
78-Jan-2024Circulating erythroferrone has diagnostic utility for acute decompensated heart failure in patients presenting with acute or worsening dyspneaAppleby, S; Frampton, C; Holdaway, M; Chew-Harris, J; Liew, OW ; Chong, JPC ; Lewis, L; Troughton, R; Ooi, SBS ; Kuan, WS ; Ibrahim, I ; Chan, SP ; Richards, AM; Pemberton, CJ
81-Apr-2018Computed tomography of the head for adult patients with minor head injury: are clinical decision rules a necessary evil?Tan, Desmond Wei; Lim, Annabelle Mei En; Ong, Daniel Yuxuan; Peng, Li Lee ; Chan, Yiong Huak ; Ibrahim, Irwani ; Sen Kuan, Win 
91-Mar-2017Death among elderly patients in the emergency department: a needs assessment for end-of-life carePal, Rakhee Yash ; Kuan, Win Sen ; Koh, Yiwen; Venugopal, Kuhan; Ibrahim, Irwani 
1011-Jun-2020Different rate-controlling agents for the management of atrial fibrillation with rapid ventricular rate in the emergency department: a network meta-analysisIbrahim, Irwani ; Kuan, Win Sen ; Yau, Y.W. ; CHUA MUI TENG ; Lin, Z; Cheng, L; Zheng, Q; Shi, L; Miny Samuel ; de Souza, NNA; Chan, ESY
111-Mar-2016Emergency Department Management of Sepsis Patients: A Randomized, Goal-Oriented, Noninvasive Sepsis TrialKuan, Win Sen ; Ibrahim, Irwani ; Leong, Benjamin SH; Jain, Swati; LU QINGSHU ; Cheung, Yin Bun ; Mahadevan, Malcolm
12Apr-2020End-of-life management protocol offered within emergency room (EMPOWER): study protocol for a multicentre studyYash Pal, Rakhee ; Kuan, Win Sen ; Tiah, Ling; Kumar, Ranjeev; Wong, Yoko Kin Yoke; Shi, Luming ; Zheng, Charles Qishi; Lin, Jingping; Liang, Sufang; Segara, Uma Chandra; Yong, Woon Chai; Chan, Noreen Guek Cheng ; Chua, Mui Teng ; Ibrahim, Irwani 
131-Nov-2016Ethnic differences in clinical outcome of patients presenting to the emergency department with chest painde Hoog, Vince C; Lim, Swee Han; Bank, Ingrid EM; Gijsberts, Crystel M; Ibrahim, Irwani ; Kuan, Win Sen ; Ooi, Shirley BS; Chua, Terrance; den Ruijter, Hester M; Pasterkamp, Gerard; E SHYONG TAI; Gao, Fei ; Doevendans, Pieter A; Wildbergh, Thierry X; Mosterd, Arend; Richards, A Mark; de Kleijn, Dominique PV; Timmers, Leo
1410-Jul-2020Extracellular vesicle Cystatin C and CD14 are associated with both renal dysfunction and heart failureVerbree-Willemsen, Laura; Zhang, Ya-nan ; Ibrahim, Irwani ; Ooi, Shirley BS; Wang, Jiong-Wei ; Mazlan, Muhammad ; Kuan, Win S ; Chan, Siew-Pang ; Peelen, Linda M; Grobbee, Diederick E; Richards, A Mark ; Lam, Carolyn SP ; de Kleijn, Dominique P 
152014From ICU to emergency department: 9-year experience with non-invasive ventilation for COPDIbrahim, I. ; Phua, J. ; Goh, E.L.; Mahadevan, M. ; Lim, T.K. 
161-Oct-2018HEART score performance in Asian and Caucasian patients presenting to the emergency department with suspected acute coronary syndromede Hoog, Vince C; LIM SWEE HAN ; Bank, Ingrid EM; Gijsberts, Crystel M; Ibrahim, Irwani ; Kuan, Win Sen ; Ooi, Shirley BS; Chua, Terrance SJ; E SHYONG TAI; FEI GAO; Pasterkamp, Gerard; den Ruijter, Hester M; Doevendans, Pieter A; Wildbergh, Thierry X; Mosterd, Arend; Richards, A Mark; de Kleijn, Dominique PV; Timmers, Leo
171-Jan-2022Hospital admission risk stratification of patients with gout presenting to the emergency departmentWANG HAN ; Allameen, NA; Irwani Binte Ibrahim ; PREETI DHANASEKARAN ; MENGLING FENG ; Manjari Lahiri 
181-Feb-2020Impact of 24-hour specialist coverage and an on-site CT scanner on the timely diagnosis of acute aortic dissectionIbrahim, Irwani ; Chua, Mui Teng ; Tan, Desmond Wei; Yap, Si Hui; Shen, Liang ; Ooi, Shirley Beng Suat 
191-Mar-2016Is arterial base deficit still a useful prognostic marker in trauma? A systematic reviewIbrahim, I ; Chor, WP; Chue, KM; Tan, CS ; Tan, HL; Siddiqui, FJ; Hartman, M 
206-Dec-2019Mid-regional pro-adrenomedullin outperforms N-terminal pro-B-type natriuretic peptide for the diagnosis of acute heart failure in the presence of atrial fibrillationKuan, Win Sen ; Ibrahim, Irwani ; Chan, S.P. ; LI ZISHENG ; Liew, O.W. ; Frampton, Chris; Troughton, Richard; Pemberton, Chris J; JENNY CHONG PEK CHING ; TAN LI LING ; LIN WEIQIN ; Ooi, S.B.S. ; Richards, A.M.