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Qingshu Lu


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11-Jul-2017Activity of faropenem with and without rifampicin against Mycobacterium tuberculosis: evaluation in a whole-blood bactericidal activity trialGurumurthy, Meera; Verma, Rupangi ; Naftalin, Claire M; Hee, Kim Hor ; Lu, Qingshu ; Tan, Kin Hup; Issac, Simi ; Lin, Wenwei; Tan, Angelia; Seng, Kok-Yong ; Lee, Lawrence Soon-U ; Paton, Nicholas I 
21-Mar-2016Emergency Department Management of Sepsis Patients: A Randomized, Goal-Oriented, Noninvasive Sepsis TrialKuan, Win Sen ; Ibrahim, Irwani ; Leong, Benjamin SH; Jain, Swati; LU QINGSHU ; Cheung, Yin Bun ; Mahadevan, Malcolm
33-Mar-2020Frequency and Clinical Impact of Serious Adverse Events on Post-Stroke Recovery with NeuroAiD (MLC601) versus Placebo: The CHInese Medicine Neuroaid Efficacy on Stroke Recovery StudyVenketasubramanian, Narayanaswamy ; Moorakonda, Rajesh B. ; Lu, Qingshu ; Chen, Christopher L.H. ; Purabi, Sharma
417-May-2019Impact of selective immune-cell depletion on growth of Mycobacterium tuberculosis (Mtb) in a whole-blood bactericidal activity (WBA) assayCross, Gail B ; Yeo, Benjamin C-M; Hutchinson, Paul Edward ; Tan, Mark C ; Verma, Rupangi ; Lu, Qingshu ; Paton, Nicholas 
52014Molecular analysis of infant fecal microbiota in an Asian at-risk cohort-correlates with infant and childhood eczemaYap G.C. ; Loo E.X.L. ; Aw M. ; Lu Q. ; Shek L.P.-C. ; Lee B.W. 
61-Jan-2021NEURoaid II (MLC901) in cognitively Impaired not demenTEd patientS (NEURITES): A pilot double blind, placebo-controlled randomized trialChen, CLH ; Nguyen, TH; Marasigan, S; Lee, CF ; Lu, Q ; Kandiah, N ; de Silva, D ; Chong, E ; Venketasubramanian, N 
71-Mar-2022Pre- and apnoeic high-flow oxygenation for rapid sequence intubation in the emergency department (the Pre-AeRATE trial): A multicentre randomised controlled trialChua, Mui Teng ; Ng, Wei Ming; Lu, Qingshu ; Low, Matthew Jian Wen; Punyadasa, Amila; Cove, Matthew Edward ; Yau, Ying Wei ; Khan, Faheem Ahmed; Kuan, Win Sen