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Kuan, W.S.
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129-Mar-2023A multi-institutional exploration of emergency medicine physicians' attitudes and behaviours on antibiotic use during the COVID-19 pandemic: a mixed-methods studyHuang, Z; Tay, E; Kuan, WS ; Tiah, L; Weng, Y; Tan, HY; Seow, E; Peng, LL ; Chow, A
226-Oct-2018A Novel Environment-Invariant Core Body Temperature Estimation for High Sensitivity and Specificity Fever ScreeningSilawan, N; Kusukame, K; Kek, KJ; Kuan, WS 
318-Jul-2019Agreement between arterial and venous blood gases in trauma resuscitation in emergency department (AGREE)Boon, Yuru; Kuan, Win Sen ; Chan, Yiong Huak ; Ibrahim, Irwani ; Chua, Mui Teng 
41-Sep-2016AME evidence series 001-The Society for Translational Medicine: clinical practice guidelines for diagnosis and early identification of sepsis in the hospitalZhang, Zhongheng; Smischney, Nathan J; Zhang, Haibo; Van Poucke, Sven; Tsirigotis, Panagiotis; Rello, Jordi; Honore, Patrick M; Kuan, Win Sen ; Ray, Juliet June; Zhou, Jiancang; Shang, You; Yu, Yuetian; Jung, Christian; Robba, Chiara; Taccone, Fabio Silvio; Caironi, Pietro; Grimaldi, David; Hofer, Stefan; Dimopoulos, George; Leone, Marc; Hong, Sang-Bum; Bahloul, Mabrouk; Argaud, Laurent; Kim, Won Young; Spapen, Herbert D; Rocco, Jose Rodolfo
51-Sep-2016An Indispensable Procedure to Complete Passive Leg Raising ReplyKuan, Win Sen ; Ibrahim, Irwani ; Leong, Benjamin SH; Mahadevan, Malcolm; Jain, Swati
61-Mar-2017An Observational Study of Dyspnea in Emergency Departments: The Asia, Australia, and New Zealand Dyspnea in Emergency Departments Study (AANZDEM)Kelly, Anne Maree; Keijzers, Gerben; Klim, Sharon; Graham, Colin A; Craig, Simon; Kuan, Win Sen ; Jones, Peter; Holdgate, Anna; Lawoko, Charles; Laribi, Said
71-May-2014Anomia and mild headache: a subtle presentation of cerebral venous thrombosisKuan, WS 
89-Mar-2023Antibiotic expectation, behaviour, and receipt among patients presenting to emergency departments with uncomplicated upper respiratory tract infection during the COVID-19 pandemic.Huang, Zhilian; Kuan, Win Sen ; Tan, Hann Yee; Seow, Eillyne; Tiah, Ling; Peng, Li Lee ; Weng, Yanyi; Chow, Angela 
91-Jan-2023Applying Andersen's healthcare utilization model to assess factors influencing patients' expectations for diagnostic tests at emergency department visits during the COVID-19 pandemicHuang, Z; Natarajan, K; Lim, HC ; Weng, Y; Tan, HY; Seow, E:; Peng, LL ; Ow, JT; Kuan, WS ; Chow, A 
101-Feb-2019Appropriateness of blood culture: A comparison of practices between the emergency department and general wardsChoi, ECE; Chia, YH; Koh, YQ; Lim, CZQ; Lim, JC; Ooi, SBS ; Ibrahim, I ; Kuan, WS 
112015Asia, Australia and New Zealand Dyspnoea in Emergency Departments (AANZDEM) study: Rationale, design and analysisKelly Anne-Maree; Keijzers G.; Klim S.; Graham C.A.; Craig S.; Kuan, Win Sen ; Jones P.; Holdgate A.; Lawoko C.; Laribi S.; McNulty R.; Tan C., Cowell D.L., Jain N., Devillecourt T., Forrester A., Lee K., Chalkley D., Gillett M., Lozzi L., Asha S.,
1223-Jul-2021Asian Attitudes and Perceptions Toward Hospital-At-Home: A Cross-Sectional StudyLai, Yi Feng ; Lim, Yee Wei; Sen Kuan, Win ; Goh, Joel; Soong, John Tshon Yit ; Shorey, Shefaly ; Ko, Stephanie Q
131-Nov-2018Assessment of dyspneic patients in the emergency department using point-of-care lung and cardiac ultrasonography-a prospective observational studyKoh, Yiwen; Chua, Mui Teng ; Ho, Weng Hoe ; Lee, Chengjie; Chan, Gene Wai Han ; Kuan, Win Sen 
1410-Sep-2020Asynchronous platform for a resident research showcaseIbrahim, Irwani ; Kuan, Win Sen ; Tan, Eugene Yi Qun ; See, Kay Choong 
15Dec-2019Beta-blockers' effect on Levels of Lactate in patients with suspected sepsis – The BeLLa studyChan, Jonathan Zhao Wang; Tan, Jung Hiong; LATHER KANWAR SUDHIR ; Ng, Alexander Jet Yue; Ong, Zhengxuan; Zou, Xiangyu; CHUA MUI TENG ; KUAN WIN SEN 
161-Oct-2018Bicycle-Related Injuries in Paediatric PatientsPeter, L; Hong, CC; Daniel, P; Aoyama, R; Murphy, D; Kuan, WS 
171-Mar-2016Choice of crystalloids in sepsis: a conundrum waiting to be solvedYING WEI YAU; Kuan, Win Sen 
1817-Sep-2020Chronic disease management in emergency department patients presenting with dyspnoeaJones, Peter; Kelly, Anne-Maree; Keijzers, Gerben; Klim, Sharon; Holdgate, Anna; Graham, Colin A; Craig, Simon; Kuan, Win Sen ; Laribi, Said
198-Jan-2024Circulating erythroferrone has diagnostic utility for acute decompensated heart failure in patients presenting with acute or worsening dyspneaAppleby, S; Frampton, C; Holdaway, M; Chew-Harris, J; Liew, OW ; Chong, JPC ; Lewis, L; Troughton, R; Ooi, SBS ; Kuan, WS ; Ibrahim, I ; Chan, SP ; Richards, AM; Pemberton, CJ
201-Jan-2021Clinical presentation and assessment of older patients presenting with headache to emergency departments: A multicentre observational studyBeck, S; Kinnear, FB; Maree Kelly, A; Chu, KH; Sen Kuan, W ; Keijzers, G; Body, R; Karamercan, MA; Klim, S; Wijeratne, T; Kamona, S; Graham, CA; Roberts, T; Horner, D; Laribi, S; Lunter, C; Facer, R; Thomson, D; Day, R; McDonald, G; Jones, S; Cochrane, J; Gourley, S; Ross, M; Gangathimmaiah, V; Hansen, K; Chu, K; Bowe, P; de la Cruz, R; Haustead, D; Moller, J; Walker, K; Smith, RD; Sultana, R; Pasco, J; Goldie, N; Graudins, A; Dwyer, R; Plunkett, G; Kelly, AM; Mitenko, H; Lovegrove, M; Smedley, B; Graham, CA; Leung, LY; Kuan, WS; Yau, YW ; Ng, WM; Kumar, R; Chia, DWJ; Hilal, M; Mil, R; Gerineau, A; Reed, MJ; Carlton, E; Roberts, T; Boggaram, G; Foot, J; Appleboam, A; Goss, R; Malik, H; Body, R; Williamson, JP; Golea, A; Luka, S; Avni Demir, H; Gülpinar, SÖ; Tolu, L; Hacimustafaoglu, M; Çelikel, E; Çaltili, Ç; Gürü, S; Yavuz, G; Verschuren, F; Ramos, C; Denoel, P; Wilmet, N; Vandoorslaert, M; Manara, A; Higuet, A; Sheffy, A; Jones, P; Nguyen, M; Clarke, A; Beck, S; Munro, A; Yates, KM; Weaver, J; Moore, D; Innes, S; Walters, K; Simons, K; Kelly, AM; Chu, K