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Yi Feng Lai


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
11-May-2019Approaches to outpatient pharmacy automation: a systematic reviewSng, Yilin; Ong, Chin Kheng; Lai, Yi Feng 
223-Jul-2021Asian Attitudes and Perceptions Toward Hospital-At-Home: A Cross-Sectional StudyLai, Yi Feng ; Lim, Yee Wei; Sen Kuan, Win ; Goh, Joel; Soong, John Tshon Yit ; Shorey, Shefaly ; Ko, Stephanie Q
315-Feb-2021Attitudes and Perceptions Toward Healthcare Technology Adoption Among Older Adults in Singapore: A Qualitative StudyLow, Sarah T. H.; Sakhardande, P. Govind; Lai, Y.F. ; Long, Andrew D. S.; Kaur-Gill, Satveer 
420-Jan-2021Challenges and opportunities in pragmatic implementation of a holistic hospital care model in Singapore: A mixed-method case studyLai, Yi Feng ; Lee, Sophia Yi-Fei; Xiong, Jun; Leow, Si Yun; Lim, Cher Wee; Ong, Biauw Chi
52021Comparison of Hospital-at-Home models: a systematic review of reviewsLeong, Man Qing; Lim, Cher Wee ; Lai, Yi Feng 
64-Mar-2022One-Bed-One-Team-Does an Integrated General Hospital Inpatient Model Improve Care Outcomes and Productivity: An Observational StudyLai, Yi Feng ; Lee, Shi Qi; Tan, Yi-Roe; Lau, Zheng Yi; Phua, Jason ; Khoo, See Meng ; Gollamudi, Satya Pavan Kumar ; Lim, Cher Wee; Lim, Yee Wei 
76-Aug-2021Perceptions of Hospital-at-Home Among Stakeholders: a Meta-synthesisChua, Crystal Min Siu ; Ko, Stephanie Qianwen ; Lai, Yi Feng ; Lim, Yee Wei ; Shorey, Shefaly 
8Jul-2022Treating acutely ill patients at home: Data from Singapore.Ko, Stephanie Q; Goh, Joel; Tay, Yee Kian; Nashi, Norshima ; Hooi, Benjamin MY; Luo, Nan; Kuan, Win Sen ; Soong, John TY; Chan, Derek; Lai, Yi Feng ; Lim, Yee Wei 
91-Jan-2020Understanding and expectation towards pharmaceutical care among patients, caregivers and pharmacy service providers: a qualitative studyLow, Hui Ming Margaret; See, Zu Yao; Lai, Yi Feng