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Satveer Kaur
Kaur-Gill, S.
Kaur-Gill, Satveer

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12020A Community-Based Heart Health Intervention: Culture-Centered Study of Low-Income Malays and Heart Health PracticesKaur-Gill, Satveer ; Dutta, Mohan Jyoti ; Bashir, Munirah Binte
2Jul-2017Cultivation in Health and Risk MessagingSatveer Kaur ; Dutta, Mohan ; Tan, Naomi 
37-Jul-2019Digital EthnographyKaur-Gill, Satveer ; Dutta, Mohan 
427-Jul-2016Food Insecurity in Singapore: The Communicative (Dis)Value of the Lived Experiences of the PoorNaomi Tan ; Satveer Kaur-Gill ; Mohan J. Dutta ; Nina Venkataraman
52-Feb-2018Health Information Seeking Among Singaporeans: Roles and Collective ContextsMohan Dutta ; Satveer Kaur ; Pauline Luk; Julian Lin ; Seow Ting Lee 
623-Dec-2017mHealth, health, and mobility: A culture-centered interrogationKaur-Gill, Satveer ; Dutta, Mohan ; Tan, Naomi ; Lam, Chervin
727-Mar-2020Negotiating the (im)mobility of domestic work: Communicative erasures, disrupted embodiments, and neoliberal AsiaSatveer Kaur-Gill ; Mohan Dutta
82018Precarities of Migrant Work in Singapore: Migration, (Im)mobility, and Neoliberal GovernmentalityKaur-Gill, Satveer ; Dutta, Mohan 
92020Structure as Depressant: Theorizing Narratives of Mental Health among Migrant Domestic WorkersKaur-Gill, Satveer ; Dutta, MJ
1010-Mar-2022The meanings of heart health among low-income Malay women in Singapore: Narratives of food insecurity, caregiving stressors, and shameSatveer Kaur-Gill 
1113-Feb-2018Trust Ecologies and Channel Complementarity for Information Seeking in Cancer PreventionSeow Ting Lee; Mohan Dutta ; Julian Lin ; Pauline Luk; Satveer Gill Kaur 
1231-Jul-2020Validity in interpretive methods: frameworks and innovationsDutta, Mohan J ; Kaur, Satveer ; Elers, Phoebe