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Lee Seow Ting
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Lee, S.T.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
117-Jun-2016A Self Determination Perspective of Online Health Information Seeking: The Internet vs. Face-to-Face Office Visits with PhysiciansSeow Ting Lee ; Julian Lin 
22014A user approach to dialogic theory in a Facebook campaign on love and marriageLee, S.T. 
313-Sep-2016An Integrated Approach to Public Diplomacy and Public Relations: A Five-Year Analysis of the Information Subsidies of the United States, China, and SingaporeSeow Ting Lee ; Julian Lin 
42010Assessing the TARES as an ethical model for antismoking adsLee, S.T. ; Cheng, I.-H.
5Sep-2012Beautifully Imperfect: Using Facebook to change a population's attitudes toward marriageLee, S.T. 
6Jan-2011Characteristics and dimensions of ethical leadership in public relationsLee, S.T. ; Cheng, I.-H.
7Mar-2011Conceptualizing ethical knowledge and knowledge transfer in public relationsLee, S.T. 
8Jun-2012Ethics Management in Public Relations: Practitioner Conceptualizations of Ethical Leadership, Knowledge, Training and ComplianceLee, S.T. ; Cheng, I.-H.
9Feb-2013From Press Release to News: Mapping the Framing of the 2009 H1N1 A Influenza PandemicLee, S.T. ; Basnyat, I. 
102-Feb-2018Health Information Seeking Among Singaporeans: Roles and Collective ContextsMohan Dutta ; Satveer Kaur ; Pauline Luk; Julian Lin ; Seow Ting Lee 
1129-Jul-2021Health Orientation as a Psychographic Framework for Understanding Physical Exercise BehaviorSeow Ting Lee ; Mohan J. Dutta ; Pauline Luk; Satveer Kaur-Gill ; Julian Lin 
122012Mapping 12 years of communication scholarship: themes and concepts in the Journal of CommunicationLin, J. ; Lee, S.T. 
132012Mapping 12 years of communication scholarship: themes and concepts in the Journal of CommunicationLin, J.; Lee, S.T. 
142015Media, race and crime: Racial perceptions and criminal culpability in a multiracial national contextLee, S.T. ; Thien, N.P.
152010Peace journalism: Principles and structural limitations in the news coverage of three conflictsLee, S.T. 
16Sep-2012Strategic and ethical issues in antismoking message development: How US public health campaigners conceptualize efficacy and ethicalityCheng, I.-H.; Lee, S.T. 
17Oct-2011Understanding Truth in Health CommunicationLee, S.T.