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Cuo Lin Julian Yuan
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Lin, Yuan Cuo Julian
Lin, J.


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
114-Jun-2016A Replication of Channel Complementarity Theory among Internet Users in IndiaJulian Lin ; Mohan Dutta 
217-Jun-2016A Self Determination Perspective of Online Health Information Seeking: The Internet vs. Face-to-Face Office Visits with PhysiciansSeow Ting Lee ; Julian Lin 
3Mar-2012A Tale of Four Functions and Their Relationships with the Device: Extending Implementation Intention TheoryLin, Yuan Cuo Julian ; Chan, Hock Chuan ; Xu, Lingling 
413-Sep-2016An Integrated Approach to Public Diplomacy and Public Relations: A Five-Year Analysis of the Information Subsidies of the United States, China, and SingaporeSeow Ting Lee ; Julian Lin 
56-Jul-2018Applying the Modified Comprehensive Model of Information Seeking to Online Health Information Seeking in the Context of IndiaIccha Basnyat; Elmie Nekmat ; Shaohai Jiang ; Julian Lin 
6Dec-2013Development of scales for the measurement of principles of designLin, Yuan Cuo Julian 
72-Feb-2018Health Information Seeking Among Singaporeans: Roles and Collective ContextsMohan Dutta ; Satveer Kaur ; Pauline Luk; Julian Lin ; Seow Ting Lee 
829-Jul-2021Health Orientation as a Psychographic Framework for Understanding Physical Exercise BehaviorSeow Ting Lee ; Mohan J. Dutta ; Pauline Luk; Satveer Kaur-Gill ; Julian Lin 
92012Mapping 12 years of communication scholarship: themes and concepts in the Journal of CommunicationLin, J. ; Lee, S.T. 
102010One-dimensional, multidimensional and unidimensional perspectives in a multifunctional device: Comparison of three modelsLin, J. 
112010“Relieved mommies, happy children”: Parental mediation of Chinese children’s use of Mole ManorCao, Yuanying; Lim, Sun Sun ; Lin, Yuan Cuo Julian 
12Apr-2012Testing the information technology continuance model on a mandatory sms-based student response systemLin, J. ; Rivera-Sánchez, M. 
13Jul-2014The effects of gratifications on intention to read citizen journalism news: The mediating effect of attitudeLin, Yuan Cuo Julian 
1423-May-2019The Influence of Offline and Online Intrinsic Motivations on Online Health Information SeekingSeow Ting Lee; Julian Lin 
15Jan-2013The influence of parental factors on children's receptiveness towards mobile phone location disclosure servicesJiow, H.J.; Lin, J. 
1613-Feb-2018Trust Ecologies and Channel Complementarity for Information Seeking in Cancer PreventionSeow Ting Lee; Mohan Dutta ; Julian Lin ; Pauline Luk; Satveer Gill Kaur 
172006Understanding competing application usage with the theory of planned behaviorLin, J. ; Chan, H.C. ; Wei, K.K.