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Shaohai Jiang
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
16-Jul-2018Applying the Modified Comprehensive Model of Information Seeking to Online Health Information Seeking in the Context of IndiaIccha Basnyat; Elmie Nekmat ; Shaohai Jiang ; Julian Lin 
215-Nov-2022Complementary media use for health information seeking and the role of health orientation: A survey study in IndiaShaohai Jiang ; Piper Liping LIU
325-May-2020Examining the Relationship between Internet Health Information Seeking and Patient-centered Communication in China: Taking into Account Self-efficacy in Medical Decision-makingShaohai Jiang ; Jiaying Liu
41-Jan-2018How Does Online Patient-Provider Communication Heal? Examining the Role of Patient Satisfaction and Communication Experience in ChinaJiang, S 
55-Dec-2017How does patient-centered communication improve emotional health? An exploratory study in ChinaShaohai Jiang 
61-Jul-2021Intentions to Seek Information About E-Cigarettes: Perceived Risk, Efficacy, and Smoking IdentityBo Yang; Shaohai Jiang 
727-Jul-2021Linking Nonverbal Rapport to Health Outcome: Testing an Organizational Pathway ModelShaohai Jiang ; Chervin Lam 
88-Mar-2019Pathways Linking Patient-Centered Communication to Health Improvement: A Longitudinal Study in ChinaShaohai Jiang 
924-Sep-2021Social Media Communication about HPV Vaccine in China: A Study Using Topic Modeling and SurveyAnnabel Ngien; Shaohai Jiang 
1025-Nov-2022Social Media Health Promotion and Audience Engagement: The Roles of Information Dissemination, Organization-Audience Interaction, and Action Confidence BuildingShaohai Jiang ; Janice Tay ; Annabel Ngien; Iccha Basnyat
1125-Oct-2021Social Use of Fitness Apps and Physical Activity Knowledge: The Roles of Information Elaboration and Interpersonal CommunicationShaohai Jiang ; Lianshan Zhang; Kevin Teo 
1217-Nov-2019Talk to Your Doctors Online: An Internet-based Intervention in ChinaShaohai Jiang 
1318-Feb-2021The Effect of Social Media on Stress among Young Adults during COVID-19 Pandemic: Taking into Account Fatalism and Social Media ExhaustionAnnabel Ngien; Shaohai Jiang 
141-Jan-2020The Effects of Instagram Use, Social Comparison, and Self-Esteem on Social Anxiety: A Survey Study in SingaporeJiang, S ; Ngien, A
155-May-2023The Effects of Patient-centered Communication on Emotional Health:Examining the Roles of Self-efficacy, Information Seeking Frustration and Social Media UseQiaofei Wu; Shaohai Jiang 
1622-Aug-2022The Effects of Social Media Information Discussion, Perceived Information Overload and Patient Empowerment in Influencing HPV KnowledgeShaohai Jiang ; Yi Kai Aaron Ng ; Annabel Ngien
1712-Sep-2022The Effects of Worry, Risk Perception, Information Seeking Experience, and Trust in Misinformation on COVID-19 Fact-Checking: A Survey Study in ChinaShaohai Jiang ; Piper Liping Liu; Annabel Ngien; Qiaofei Wu
1818-Mar-2019The Relationship between Face-to-Face and Online Patient-Provider Communication: Examining the Moderating Roles of Patient Trust and Patient SatisfactionShaohai Jiang 
191-Jan-2019The Relationship between Face-to-Face and Online Patient-Provider Communication: Examining the Moderating Roles of Patient Trust and Patient SatisfactionJiang, S