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Mohamed Elmie Bin Nekmat
Nekmat, E.
Nekmat, Elmie

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Jun-2010A Think-Aloud Investigation Into Youths' Knowledge Structures for Internet LiteracyNekmat, Elmie ; Lim, Sun Sun 
26-Jul-2018Applying the Modified Comprehensive Model of Information Seeking to Online Health Information Seeking in the Context of IndiaIccha Basnyat; Elmie Nekmat ; Shaohai Jiang ; Julian Lin 
33-Aug-2015Connective-Collective Action on Social Media: Moderated mediation of cognitive elaboration and perceived source credibility on personalness of sourceMOHAMED ELMIE BIN NEKMAT ; Gower, K.; Zhou, S.; Metzger, M.
411-Jun-2019Digital Literacy Through Digital Citizenship: Online Civic Participation and Public Opinion Evaluation of Youth Minorities in Southeast AsiaYUE ING-SUN AUDREY ; MOHAMED ELMIE BIN NEKMAT ; ANNISA RIDZKYNOOR BETA 
531-Jul-2019Effects of Online Rumors on Attribution of Crisis Responsibility and Attitude toward Organization during Crisis UncertaintyElmie Nekmat ; Dewei Kong
61-Jan-2018Facts Over Stories for Involved Publics: Framing Effects in CSR Messaging and the Roles of Issue Involvement, Message Elaboration, Affect, and SkepticismGANGA SASIDHARAN ; MOHAMED ELMIE BIN NEKMAT 
72008Learning through 'prosuming': Insights from media literacy programmes in AsiaLim, S.S. ; Nekmat, E. 
81-May-2012Message Expression Effects in Online Social CommunicationMOHAMED ELMIE BIN NEKMAT 
9Dec-2013Multiple opinion climates in online forums: Role of website source reference and within-forum opinion congruencyNekmat, E. ; Gonzenbach, W.J.
10Jul-2008New Media And Youth: The Motivations And Gratifications Of Online Betting Amongst YouthsNekmat, Elmie ; Lim, Sun Sun 
1119-Feb-2020Nudge Effect of Fact-Check Alerts: Source Influence and Media Skepticism on Sharing of News Misinformation in Social MediaNekmat, E. 
1217-Oct-2019Polls Versus Commenters: Effects of Cross-Cutting Opinion Climates on Cross-Platform Opinion ExpressionMOHAMED ELMIE BIN NEKMAT 
132011Singapore’s Experience in Fostering Youth Media Production: The Implications of State-Led School and Public Education InitiativesLim, Sun Sun ; Nekmat, Elmie ; Vadrevu, Shobha
142014Situational crisis communication and interactivity: Usage and effectiveness of Facebook for crisis management by Fortune 500 companiesKi, E.-J.; Nekmat, E. 
1513-Nov-2020SNS Usage and Third-person Effects in the Risk Perception of Zika Virus among Singaporean WomenEun Hwa Jung; Lianshan Zhang; Elmie Nekmat 
162-Oct-2014Status of Image Management Research in Public Relations: A Cross-Discipline Content Analysis of Studies Published Between 1991 and 2011MOHAMED ELMIE BIN NEKMAT ; Gower, K.; Ye, L.
172008The Implications of Multimodal Representation for Media LiteracyLim, Sun Sun ; Nekmat, Elmie 
182011The Implications of Multimodality for Media LiteracyLim, Sun Sun ; Nekmat, Elmie ; Nahar, Siti Nurharnarni 
192010The salience of cognitive styles in youths’ search and evaluation of online information: Implications for Internet literacyNekmat, Elmie ; Lim, Sun Sun 
202008Youth and Online Gambling: Uncovering the propensity for addiction through understanding the motivations and gratifications of online bettingNekmat, Elmie ; Lim, Sun Sun