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11-Sep-2021Acute medical units during the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic: a cross-national exploratory study of impact and responsesSoong, John TY ; La Wong, Audrey ; O'Connor, Imogen; Marinova, Milka; Fisher, Dale ; Bell, Derek
223-Jul-2021Asian Attitudes and Perceptions Toward Hospital-At-Home: A Cross-Sectional StudyLai, Yi Feng ; Lim, Yee Wei; Sen Kuan, Win ; Goh, Joel; Soong, John Tshon Yit ; Shorey, Shefaly ; Ko, Stephanie Q
3Jun-2019Dr Foster global frailty score: an international retrospective observational study developing and validating a risk prediction model for hospitalised older persons from administrative data setsSoong, John TY ; Kaubryte, Jurgita; Liew, Danny; Peden, Carol Jane; Bottle, Alex; Bell, Derek; Cooper, Carolyn; Hopper, Adrian
41-Jan-2016Finding consensus on frailty assessment in acute care through Delphi methodSoong, John TY ; Poots, Alan J; Bell, Derek
5Mar-2021Frailty measurement in routinely collected data: challenges and benefitsSoong, John Tshon Yit 
61-Jun-2022Frailty scoring in vascular and endovascular surgery: A systematic reviewKoh, Bernard JQW; Lee, Quinncy; Wee, Ian JY ; Syn, Nicholas; Lee, Keng Siang; Ng, Jun Jie ; Wong, Audrey LA ; Soong, John TY ; Choong, Andrew MTL 
715-Feb-2022Gender Differences in Body Composition in Pre-Frail Older Adults With Diabetes MellitusMerchant, Reshma Aziz ; Soong, John Tshon Yit ; Morley, John E 
8Jun-2023Inflammatory phenotypes may be more important than age and comorbidities in predicting clinical outcomes in hospitalised patients with COVID-19Ngiam, Jinghao Nicholas; Koh, Matthew CY; Liong, Tze Sian; Sim, Meng Ying; Chhabra, Srishti; Goh, Wilson; Chew, Nicholas WS; Sia, Ching-Hui ; Goon, Peter KC ; Soong, John TY ; Tambyah, Paul Anantharajah ; Cove, Matthew Edward 
91-Dec-2022Meeting today's healthcare needs: Medicine at the interfaceSoong, JTY ; Bell, D; Ong, MEH 
101-Dec-2017Patients' and providers' perceptions of the preventability of hospital readmission: a prospective, observational study in four European countriesvan Galen, Louise S; Brabrand, Mikkel; Cooksley, Tim; van de Ven, Peter M; Merten, Hanneke; So, Ralph KL; van Hooff, Loes; Haak, Harm R; Kidney, Rachel M; Nickel, Christian H; Soong, John TY ; Weichert, Immo; Kramer, Mark HH; Subbe, Christian P; Nanayakkara, Prabath WB
111-Dec-2016Physician consensus on preventability and predictability of readmissions based on standard case scenariosvan Galen, LS; Cooksley, T; Merten, H; Brabrand, M; Terwee, CB; Nickel, CH; Subbe, CP; Kidney, R; Soong, J ; Vaughan, L; Weichert, I; Kramer, MHH; Nanayakkara, PWB
1225-Jan-2022Proton pump inhibitors: When is it too much of a good thing?Soong, John Tshon Yit 
136-Jun-2021Quality: What does it mean in acute medicine and how do we measure it?Subbe, CP; Holland, M; Lewis, G; Soong, JTY ; Varia, R; Price, V; Gebrill, A; Sullivan, P
1430-Jun-2020Reasons for readmission after hospital discharge in patients with chronic diseases-Information from an international datasetBrunner-La Rocca, Hans-Peter; Peden, Carol J; Soong, John ; Holman, Per Arne; Bogdanovskaya, Maria; Barclay, Lorna
1524-Dec-2021Relationship of Fat Mass Index and Fat Free Mass Index With Body Mass Index and Association With Function, Cognition and Sarcopenia in Pre-Frail Older AdultsMerchant, Reshma Aziz; Seetharaman, Santhosh ; Au, Lydia; Wong, Michael Wai Kit ; Wong, Beatrix Ling Ling ; Tan, Li Feng; Chen, Matthew Zhixuan ; Ng, Shu Ee ; Soong, John Tshon Yit ; Hui, Richard Jor Yeong; Kwek, Sing Cheer; Morley, John E 
1615-Dec-2018The challenges of using the Hospital Frailty Risk ScoreJOHN SOONG TSHON YIT 
171-Mar-2020Validating a methodology to measure frailty syndromes at hospital level utilising administrative dataSoong, John TY ; Rolph, Giles; Poots, Alan J; Bell, Derek
18Jan-2022Variation in coded frailty syndromes in secondary care administrative data: an international retrospective exploratory studySoong, John TY ; Ng, Sheryl Hui-Xian ; Tan, Kyle Xin Quan ; Kaubryte, Jurgita; Hopper, Adrian