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118-Oct-2021GIST of the stomach masquerading as recurrent falls in an older adult: a case report and reviewTee, Louis Y ; Sim, Lynette; Tan, Li Feng; Lum, Jeffrey ; Seetharaman, Santhosh Kumar 
21-Oct-2016Hepatocellular Carcinoma Masquerading as Worsening DementiaDESMOND TEO BOON SENG ; SANTHOSH KUMAR SEETHARAMAN ; RESHMA AZIZ MERCHANT 
31-May-2020Home Hospice Services during COVID-19: Ensuring Comfort in Unsettling Times in SingaporeKhatri, Priyanka ; Seetharaman, Santhosh ; Phang, Chia May Jamie; Lee, Bin Xuan Andy
414-Aug-2023Impact of exercise and leucine-enriched protein supplementation on physical function, body composition, and inflammation in pre-frail older adults: a quasi-experimental studyMerchant, Reshma Aziz ; Chan, Yiong Huak ; Anbarasan, Denishkrshna ; Seetharaman, Santhosh ; Au, Lydia; Nachammai, Vidhya; Lai, Alexa; Ho, Vanda; Wong, Beatrix Ling Ling ; Pang, Eunice; Bhaskaran, Kalpana
512-Nov-2021Impact of geriatric syndromes on anticoagulation prescription in older adults with atrial fibrillationLi Feng Tan; Rodney Soh; Christopher Koo ; Wilson Goh; Goy Shen; Jiayi Lim ; Santhosh Seetharaman ; Reshma Merchant 
61-Aug-2022Personalised Dosing Using the CURATE.AI Algorithm: Protocol for a Feasibility Study in Patients with Hypertension and Type II Diabetes MellitusMukhopadhyay, Amartya ; Sumner, Jennifer ; Ling, Lieng Hsi ; Quek, Raphael Hao Chong ; Tan, Andre Teck Huat ; Teng, Gim Gee ; Seetharaman, Santhosh Kumar ; Gollamudi, Satya Pavan Kumar ; Ho, Dean ; Motani, Mehul 
724-Dec-2021Relationship of Fat Mass Index and Fat Free Mass Index With Body Mass Index and Association With Function, Cognition and Sarcopenia in Pre-Frail Older AdultsMerchant, Reshma Aziz; Seetharaman, Santhosh ; Au, Lydia; Wong, Michael Wai Kit ; Wong, Beatrix Ling Ling ; Tan, Li Feng; Chen, Matthew Zhixuan ; Ng, Shu Ee ; Soong, John Tshon Yit ; Hui, Richard Jor Yeong; Kwek, Sing Cheer; Morley, John E 
811-Jan-2022The road to achieving herd immunity: factors associated with Singapore residents' uptake and hesitancy of the COVID-19 vaccinationLi Feng Tan; CHAN YIONG HUAK ; Isabel Siow; Justina Tan; Preetha Venugopalan; Arthi Premkumar; Santhosh Seetharaman ; Benjamin Y Q Tan