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Boon Seng Desmond Teo
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
11-Jul-2021A "productive failure" medical educator's perspective on tips for medical students' interruption in academic progressDESMOND TEO BOON SENG 
21-Dec-2018A Hoarse Warning: Ortner SyndromeSim, Meng Ying; Lim, Yong Chean; So, Stephen Ching-Tung; Zhang, Junwei; DESMOND TEO BOON SENG 
31-May-2021Back to Basics: Parathyroid Adenoma Disguising as 'CRAB'Lim, Tessa S; Sim, Tzi Ling; Low, Elise L; Sek, Kathleen SY; DESMOND TEO BOON SENG 
41-Sep-2018Characteristics of fall-related traumatic brain injury in older adultsDESMOND TEO BOON SENG ; Wong, Hung C; Yeo, Ai W; Lai, Yi W; Choo, Ee L; RESHMA AZIZ MERCHANT 
59-Feb-2021Differential diagnosis of brain lesions in a metastatic endometrial carcinosarcoma patientArsad, A; Yong, C; DESMOND TEO BOON SENG 
625-Jun-2022Factors affecting PACES success rate–A Singapore experienceLee, Wai Ching ; Ong, Chong Yau ; Veeraraghavan, Meyyur Aravamudan; Teo, Desmond B ; Oh, Vernon Min Sen 
71-Oct-2016Hepatocellular Carcinoma Masquerading as Worsening DementiaDESMOND TEO BOON SENG ; SANTHOSH KUMAR SEETHARAMAN ; RESHMA AZIZ MERCHANT 
8Jul-2022Images of the month 2: No laughing matter: Symptomatic Chiari malformation type ITeo, Desmond B 
91-Jun-2017Live and Let LiveDESMOND TEO BOON SENG 
101-Apr-2020Looking Beyond Numbers: Lithium Toxicity Within Therapeutic LevelsJacob, Jonathan Edward; Chng, Wei Qiang; DESMOND TEO BOON SENG 
111-Nov-2019Pay Air-Tension: Anorexia and Tension PneumomediastinumCheong, Louisa; Koh, Esabella Sheng-Ting; DESMOND TEO BOON SENG 
1216-Jul-2020Perspectives of medical students on local medical education during COVID-19.Tan, Kuang Ian; Foo, Jenies; Ang, Benson Wg; Chua, Joo Wei; DESMOND TEO BOON SENG