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Mehul Motani
Motani, M.
Motani, Mehul

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12013A bidirectional-concurrent MAC protocol with packet bursting for underwater acoustic networksNg, H.-H.; Soh, W.-S. ; Motani, M. 
22015A case where interference does not affect the channel dispersionLe, S.-Q.; Tan, V.Y.F.; Motani, M. 
32015A Methodology for Designing the Control of Energy Harvesting Sensor NodesEdalat, Neda ; Motani, Mehul ; Walrand, Jean C.; Huang, Longbo.
4Mar-2010A metric for DISH networks: Analysis, implications, and applicationsLuo, T. ; Srinivasan, V.; Motani, M. 
52007A multi-channel MAC protocol for AUV networksShahabudeen, S. ; Chitre, M. ; Motani, M. 
62004A preemptive differentiation scheme for absolute loss guarantees in OBS networksPhùng, M.-H. ; Chua, K.-C. ; Mohan, G. ; Motani, M. ; Wong, T.-C.
72006A prioritized MAC protocol for multihop, event-driven wireless sensor networksNguyen, K.; Nguyen, T.; Chaing, C.K. ; Motani, M. 
82008A real-time exercise feedback utility with body sensor networksDe Silva, B. ; Natarajan, A. ; Motani, M. ; Chua, K.-C. 
92013A robust indoor pedestrian tracking system with sparse infrastructure supportJin, Y.; Soh, W.-S. ; Motani, M. ; Wong, W.-C. 
102010A scheduling algorithm for wireless networks with large propagation delaysChitre, M. ; Motani, M. ; Shahabudeen, S. 
11Jun-2011A two-level MAC protocol strategy for opportunistic spectrum access in cognitive radio networksChen, Q.; Liang, Y.-C.; Motani, M. ; Wong, W.-C. 
122004Absolute QoS signalling and reservation in optical burst-switched networksPhùng, M.H. ; Chua, K.C. ; Mohan, G. ; Motani, M. ; Wong, T.C.
132008Achievable rates and optimal schedules for half duplex multiple-relay networksOng, L.; Wang, W.; Motani, M. 
142008Achievable rates and schedules for half duplex phase fading multiple-relay networksOng, L.; Wang, W.; Motani, M. 
152004Adaptive and iterative soft-decision list decodingCai, F.; Armand, M.A. ; Motani, M. 
162007Adaptive contact probing mechanisms for delay tolerant applicationsWang, W.; Srinivasan, V. ; Motani, M. 
172007Altruistic cooperation for energy-efficient multi-channel MAC protocolsLuo, T. ; Motani, M. ; Srinivasan, V. 
18Jun-2007An absolute QoS framework for loss guarantees in optical burst-switched networksPhùng, M.H. ; Chua, K.C. ; Mohan, G. ; Motani, M. ; Wong, D.T.C.
192007An analysis of epidemic information access in the PeopleNet architecture (invited paper)Srinivasan, V. ; Motani, M. 
202003An instance of multiuser diversity in wireless networksMotani, M. ; Hoang, A.T.