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Wong Wai Choong,Lawrence
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Wong, W.
Wong, L.
Wong, W.-C.
Wong, L.W.-C.
Wong, Wai Choong
Wbng, W.C.
Choong, L.W.W.
Wong Sr., W.-C.
Wong, Wai-Choong
Wong, W.C.
Wong, Wai C.
Wong, L.W.C.
Wong, Lawrence
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
120103D Upper limb motion modeling and estimation using wearable micro-sensorsZhang, Z.; Wong, L.W.C. ; Wu, J.-K.
22005A BPGC-based scalable image entropy coder resilient to errorsZhang, R. ; Sun, Q.; Wong, W.-C. 
32007A combinatorics-based wakeup scheme for target tracking in wireless sensor networksWong, Y.F. ; Ngoh, L.H.; Wong, W.C. ; Seah, W.K.G.
42006A content-aware stream authentication scheme optimized for distortion and overheadZhang, Z.; Sun, Q.; Wong, W.-C. ; Apostolopoulos, J.; Wee, S.
5Jun-2012A context management framework for context-aware applications in mobile spacesChen, P.; Sen, S.; Pung, H.K. ; Xue, W.; Wong, W.C. 
62011A context realization framework for ubiquitous applications with runtime supportZhu, J.; Pung, H.K. ; Oliya, M.; Wong, W.C. 
71991A hybrid image coding scheme using CVQ and DCTNgan, King N. ; Koh, Hee C.; Wong, Wai C. 
8Sep-2007A hybrid receiver scheme for multiuser multicode CDMA systems in multipath fading channelsThian, B.S.; Wang, Y.; Tjhung, T.T.; Wong, L.W.-C. 
924-Dec-2013A lightweight distributed scheme for mitigating inter-user interference in body sensor networksSun, W.; Ge, Y.; Wong, W.-C. 
102012A lightweight inter-user interference mitigation method in Body Sensor NetworksSun, W.; Ge, Y.; Wong, W.-C. 
112012A MANET routing protocol using Q-learning method integrated with Bayesian networkWang, K.; Wong, W.-C. ; Chai, T.Y.
122012A MAP-based channel estimation algorithm for SIMO systems over extended SV channel modelZhang, L.; Chew, Y.H.; Wong, W.-C. 
132005A new bit-plane entropy coder for scalable image codingZhang, R. ; Yu, R.; Sun, Q.; Wong, W.-C. 
142013A novel angle-of-arrival assisted extended Kalman filter tracking algorithm with space-time correlation based motion parameters estimationZhang, L.; Chew, Y.H.; Wong, W.-C. 
152009A novel cross layer design approach for video transmission over wireless ad hoc networksWu, Z.; Wong, W.-C. ; Wu, J.
162005A proposal of butterfly-graph based stream authentication over lossy networksZhang, Z.; Sun, Q.; Wong, W.-C. 
172013A Q-Learning-based Power-Controlled Routing protocol in multihop wireless ad hoc networkWang, K.; Chai, T.Y.; Wong, W.-C. 
181-May-2002A QoS-based routing algorithm for PNNI ATM networksTham, C.-K. ; Mai, J.; Wong, L.W.C. 
192011A reliable routing protocol for VANET communicationsYu, X.; Guo, H.; Wong, W.-C. 
202011A robust dead-reckoning pedestrian tracking system with low cost sensorsJin, Y.; Toh, H.-S.; Soh, W.-S. ; Wong, W.-C.