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Chen Khong Tham
Thamt, C.-K.
Tham, C.-K.
Chen-Khong, T.
Tham, C.K.
Chen, K.T.
Khong, T.C.
Tham, Chen-Khong


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Jul-2007A calculus for stochastic QoS analysisLiu, Y. ; Tham, C.-K. ; Jiang, Y.
220-Dec-2002A control-theoretical approach for achieving fair bandwidth allocations in core-stateless networksNgin, H.-T.; Tham, C.-K. 
32008A cooperative retransmission scheme for IR-UWB networksShirazi, G.N.; Kong, P.-Y.; Tham, C.-K. 
42009A cooperative retransmission scheme in wireless networks with imperfect channel state informationShirazi, G.N.; Kong, P.-Y. ; Tham, C.-K. 
52002A framework of integrating network QoS and end system QoSWang, C.; Tham, C.K. ; Jiang, Y. 
61-Nov-2002A multi-class probabilistic priority scheduling discipline for differentiated services networksTham, C.-K. ; Yao, Q. ; Jiang, Y. 
72005A novel target movement model and energy efficient target tracking in sensor networksYeow, W.-L.; Tham, C.-K. ; Wong, W.-C.
82012A practical incremental relaying scheme with imperfect feedback for wireless networksPanaitopol, D.; Kong, P.-Y.; Tham, C.-K. ; Bagayoko, A.
92009A price-based adaptive task allocation for wireless sensor networkEdalat, N.; Xiao, W.; Tham, C.-K. ; Keikha, E.; Ong, L.-L. 
102001A probabilistic priority scheduling discipline for high speed networksJiang, Y. ; Tham, C.-K. ; Ko, C.-C. 
112001A probabilistic priority scheduling discipline for multi-service networksJiang, Y. ; Tham, C.-K. ; Ko, C.-C. 
121-Aug-2002A probabilistic priority scheduling discipline for multi-service networksJiang, Y. ; Tham, C.-K. ; Ko, C.-C. 
132003A probing approach for effective distributed resource reservationYuan, L. ; Tham, C.-K. ; Ananda, A.L. 
142008A QoS network architecture for multi-hop, multi-sink target tracking WSNsShirazi, G.N.; Wang, P.; Dong, X.; Eu, Z.A.; Tham, C.-K. 
151-May-2002A QoS-based routing algorithm for PNNI ATM networksTham, C.-K. ; Mai, J.; Wong, L.W.C. 
162008A resource allocation scheme to achieve fairness in TH-UWB sensor networks with near-far effectsShirazi, G.N.; Kongt, P.-Y.; Tan, H.-X.; Patro, R.K. ; Chan, M.-C.; Thamt, C.-K. 
17Mar-2019A Scalable MDP-Based Sensing and Processing Framework for Vehicular NetworksChattopadhyay, Rajarshi; Tham, Chen-Khong 
18Oct-2004A scalable video codec for layered video streamingFeng, W.; Kassim, A.A. ; Tham, C.-K. 
1920-Jul-2020A Wireless Multi-Channel Capacitive Sensor System for Efficient Glove-Based Gesture Recognition With AI at the EdgeLUO YUXUAN ; LI YIDA ; THAM CHEN KHONG ; HENG CHUN HUAT ; THEAN VOON YEW, AARON 
202007Achieving coverage through distributed reinforcement learning in wireless sensor networksSeah, M.W.M.; Tham, C.-K. ; Srinivasan, V. ; Xin, A.