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Yuxuan Luo
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
113-Apr-202023.2 A 70µW 1.19mm2 Wireless Sensor with 32 Channels of Resistive and Capacitive Sensors and Edge-Encoded PWM UWB TransceiverLUO YUXUAN ; LI YIDA ; THEAN VOON YEW, AARON ; HENG CHUN HUAT 
220-Jul-2020A Wireless Multi-Channel Capacitive Sensor System for Efficient Glove-Based Gesture Recognition With AI at the EdgeLUO YUXUAN ; LI YIDA ; THAM CHEN KHONG ; HENG CHUN HUAT ; THEAN VOON YEW, AARON 
35-Nov-2019An 8.2- μ W 0.14-mm2 16-Channel CDMA-Like Capacitance-to-Digital ConverterLUO YUXUAN ; LI YIDA ; THEAN VOON YEW, AARON ; HENG CHUN HUAT 
42-Nov-2021Hybrid-Flexible Bimodal Sensing Wearable Glove System for Complex Hand Gesture RecognitionJieming Pan ; Yida Li ; Yuxuan Luo ; Xiangyu Zhang ; Xinghua Wang ; David Liang Tai Wong ; Chun-Huat Heng ; Chen-Khong Tham ; Aaron Voon-Yew Thean 
512-Aug-2022Non-destructive online seal integrity inspection utilizing autoencoder-based electrical capacitance tomography for product packaging assuranceJIEMING PAN ; Zaifeng Yang; THEAN VOON YEW, AARON ; STEPHANIE HUI KIT YAP ; ZHANG XIANGYU ; Li Yida ; LUO YUXUAN ; Evgeny Zamburg ; Tham Chen Khong ; En-Xiao Liu; Zefeng Xu
625-Oct-2020Seal Integrity Testing Utilizing Non-Destructive Capacitive Sensing for Product Packaging AssuranceJIEMING PAN ; Li Yida ; LUO YUXUAN ; ZHANG XIANGYU ; Zaifeng Yang; Wong Liang Tai,David ; Niu Xuhua ; Tham Chen Khong ; THEAN VOON YEW, AARON