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Shefaly Shorey
Shorey, Shefaly

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123-Jul-2021Asian Attitudes and Perceptions Toward Hospital-At-Home: A Cross-Sectional StudyLai, Yi Feng ; Lim, Yee Wei ; Sen Kuan, Win ; Goh, Joel ; Soong, John Tshon Yit ; Shorey, Shefaly ; Ko, Stephanie Q 
22016Becoming a confident and happy first-time mother: Postnatal psychoeducation intervention booklet for first-time mothers. Booklet for first-time mothers.He, HG ; Shorey, S ; Chan, WCS ; Chong, YS ; Luo, N ; Chan, YH ; Chow, A ; Jiao, NN ; Zhu, LX 
32018Effectiveness of a Technology-Based Supportive Educational Parenting Program on Parental Outcomes in Singapore: Protocol for a Randomized Controlled TrialShorey, S ; Ng, Y.P.M ; Siew, A.L ; Yoong, J ; Mörelius, E
42019Experiences, needs, and perceptions of paternal involvement during the first year after their infants’ birth: A meta-synthesisShorey S. ; Ang L.
52020Gut microbiota changes in children with autism spectrum disorder: A systematic reviewHo L.K.H.; Tong V.J.W.; Syn N.; Nagarajan N. ; Tham E.H. ; Tay S.K. ; Shorey S. ; Tambyah P.A. ; Law E.C.N. 
615-Mar-2021Health Promotion Among Families Having a Newborn BabyShorey, Shefaly 
72020Patients' and healthcare professionals' perspectives towards technology-assisted diabetes self-management education. A qualitative systematic reviewJain, S.R.; Sui, Y.; Ng, C.H.; Chen, Z.X. ; Goh, L.H. ; Shorey, S. 
81-May-2019Perceptions of preceptorship among newly graduated nurses and preceptors: A descriptive qualitative studyQuek, GJH; Ho, GHL; Hassan, NB; Quek, SEH; Shorey, S 
929-Jul-2019Pharmacotherapeutic approaches to treating depression during the perimenopauseRicardo P. Garay; Thomas Charpeaud; LOGAN SUSAN JANE SINCLAIR ; Patrick Hannaert; Raul Garay; Pierre-Michel Llorca; Shefaly Shorey 
10Jun-2014Postnatal experiences and support needs of first-time mothers in Singapore: A descriptive qualitative studyOng, Shu Fen; Chan, Wai Chi Sally; Shorey, Shefaly ; Chong, Yap Seng ; Klainin-Yobas, Piyanee ; He, Hong-Gu 
112016Salivary cortisol reactivity in preterm infants in neonatal intensive care: An integrative ReviewMörelius, E; He, H.-G ; Shorey, S 
1218-Feb-2021Self-Efficacy in a Nursing ContextShorey, Shefaly ; Lopez, Violeta 
13Sep-2019The development and pilot study of a nurse-led HOMe-based HEart failure self-Management Programme (the HOM-HEMP) for patients with chronic heart failure, following Medical Research Council guidelinesJiang, Ying ; Shorey, Shefaly ; Nguyen, Hoang D; Wu, Vivien Xi ; Lee, Choy Yee; Yang, Lee Fung; Koh, Karen Wei Ling ; Wang, Wenru 
142018Turning frequency in adult bedridden patients to prevent hospital-acquired pressure ulcer: A scoping reviewChew, H-S Jocelyn ; Thiara, Emelia; Lopez, Violeta ; Shorey, Shefaly