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Lau Siew Tiang
Lau, S.T.
Lau, Siew Tiang
Lau, Lydia Siew Tiang
Lau, L.S.T.


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12019A virtual counseling application using artificial intelligence for communication skills training in nursing education: Development studyShorey, S. ; Ang, E. ; Yap, J.; Ng, E.D. ; Lau, S.T. ; Chui, C.K. 
210-Dec-2020Academic-practice collaboration in clinical education: A qualitative study of academic educator and clinical preceptor viewsManisha Dev D/O Badum Dev; KHAIRUL DZAKIRIN BIN RUSLI ; Lisa McKenna; LAU SIEW TIANG ; LIAW SOK YING 
3Mar-2021Curriculum changes for pre-registration nursing education in times of COVID-19: For the better or worse?Seah, Betsy ; Ang, Emily Neo Kim; Liaw, Sok Ying ; Lau, Siew Tiang ; Wang, Wenru 
422-Dec-2020Designing a rubric for reflection in nursing: A Legitimation Code Theory and Systemic Functional Linguistics-informed frameworkLaetitia Monbec ; Namala Tilakaratna ; Mark Brooke ; Lydia Lau ; Yah Shih Chan ; Vivien Wu
52017Designing and evaluating the effectiveness of a serious game for safe administration of blood transfusion: A randomized controlled trialTan A.J.Q.; Lee C.C.S. ; Lin P.Y.; Cooper S.; Lau L.S.T. ; Chua W.L. ; Liaw S.Y. 
6Mar-2014Easing student transition to graduate nurse: A simulated professional learning environment (SIMPLE) for final year student nursesLiaw, S.Y.; Koh, Y.; Dawood, R. ; Kowitlawakul, Y. ; Zhou, W. ; Lau, S.T. 
7Mar-2014Easing student transition to graduate nurse: A simulated professional learning environment (SIMPLE) for final year student nursesLiaw, Sok Ying ; Koh, Yiwen; Rabiah Dawood ; Kowitlawakul, Yanika ; Zhou, Wentao ; Lau, Siew Tiang 
81-Aug-2019Entrustable professional activities in health care education: a scoping reviewShorey, Shefaly ; Lau, Tang Ching ; Lau, Siew Tiang ; Ang, Emily 
92019Erratum: Metadata Correction: A Virtual Counseling Application Using Artificial Intelligence for Communication Skills Training in Nursing Education: Development Study (Journal of medical Internet research (2019) 21 10 (e14658))Shorey, S. ; Ang, E. ; Yap, J.; Ng, E.D. ; Lau, S.T. ; Chui, C.K. 
108-Nov-2021Using infrared imaging and deep learning in fit-checking of respiratory protective devices among healthcare professionalsSiah, Chiew-Jiat Rosalind ; Lau, Siew Tiang ; Tng, Sian Soo; Chua, Chin Heng Matthew