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Seah Betsy


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119-Jun-2018A review on healthy ageing interventions addressing physical, mental and social health of independent community-dwelling older adultsSEAH BETSY ; YANIKA KOWITLAWAKUL ; ANG NEO KIM EMILY ; JIANG YING ; SRINIVASAN CHOKKANATHAN ; WANG WENRU 
218-Feb-2020Achieving healthy ageing through the perspective of sense of coherence among senior-only households: a qualitative studySEAH BETSY ; ANG NEO KIM EMILY ; ESPNES GEIR ARILD ; YANIKA KOWITLAWAKUL ; LIM JIAN YANG; WANG WENRU 
3Mar-2021Curriculum changes for pre-registration nursing education in times of COVID-19: For the better or worse?Seah, Betsy ; Ang, Emily Neo Kim; Liaw, Sok Ying ; Lau, Siew Tiang ; Wang, Wenru 
422-May-2022Home-based care nurses' lived experiences and perceived competency needs: A phenomenological studyKHAIRUL DZAKIRIN BIN RUSLI ; Shu Fen Ong; Shaun Speed; Seah Betsy ; Lisa McKenna; Lau Ying ; Liaw S.Y. 
517-Nov-2017Salutogenic Healthy Ageing Programme Embracement (SHAPE) for senior‐only households: A study protocolSEAH BETSY ; YANIKA KOWITLAWAKUL ; SRINIVASAN CHOKKANATHAN ; JEANE JIN YI FONG; ESPNES GEIR ARILD ; ANG NEO KIM EMILY ; WANG WENRU 
64-Feb-2022Salutogenic-based interventions among community-dwelling older adults: a systematic review and meta-analysis.Chow, Edmund Kit Mun; Seah, Betsy ; Chan, Janice Jia Ying; Wang, Wenru 
719-Oct-2020Supporting the mobilization of health assets among older community dwellers residing in senior-only households in Singapore: a qualitative studySeah, Betsy ; Espnes, Geir Arild ; Ang, Emily Neo Kim ; Lim, Jian Yang; Kowitlawakul, Yanika ; Wang, Wenru