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Lau, Ying


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
114-Mar-2017CorrigendumYing Lau ; Yuqiong Wang; Dennis Ho Keung Kwong; Ying Wang
22018Development of a healthy lifestyle mobile app for overweight pregnant women: Qualitative studyLau Y. ; Cheng L.J.; Chi C.; Tsai C.; Ong K.W.; Ho-Lim S.S.T.; Wang W.; Tan K.-L. 
3Aug-2016Efficacy of Internet-based self-monitoring interventions on maternal and neonatal outcomes in perinatal diabetic women: A systematic review and meta-analysisLau, Ying ; Htun, Tha Pyai ; Wong, Suei Nee ; Tam, Wai San Wilson ; Klainin-Yobas, Piyanee 
42020Evaluating the English and Thai-Versions of the Psychological Well-Being Scale across Four SamplesKlainin-Yobas, Piyanee ; Thanoi, Wareerat; Vongsirimas, Nopporn; Lau, Ying 
52015Maternal, infant characteristics, breastfeeding techniques, and initiation: Structural equation modeling approachesLau Y. ; Htun P.; Lim P.I.; Ho-Lim S.; Klainin-Yobas P. 
62-Feb-2018Multiuser virtual worlds in healthcare education: A systematic reviewLiaw Sok Ying ; Guiller Augustin C. Carpio; Lau Ying ; Tan Seng Chee; Lim Wee Shiong; Goh Poh Sun 
72016Psychometric Evaluation of 5- and 4-Item Versions of the LATCH Breastfeeding Assessment Tool during the Initial Postpartum Period among a Multiethnic PopulationLau Y. ; Htun T.P. ; Lim P.I.; Ho-Lim S. ; Klainin-Yobas P. 
82018Psychometric evaluation of the Chinese version of the fear of intimacy with helping professionals scaleLau Y. ; Chan K.S.
92018Sociodemographic, obstetric characteristics, antenatal morbidities, and perinatal depressive symptoms: A three-wave prospective studyLau Y. ; Htun T.P. ; Kwong H.K.D.
102015Testing direct and moderating effects of coping styles on the relationship between perceived stress and antenatal anxiety symptomsLau Ying ; Wang Yuqiong; Kwong Ho Keung David; Wang Ying
112020The potential of artificial intelligence in enhancing adult weight loss: A scoping reviewChew, HSJ; Ang, WHD; Lau, Y 
1216-Nov-2018Volunteer motivation, social problem solving, self-efficacy, and mental health: A structural equation model approachLue Fang ; Ying LAU ; Ling Jie Cheng