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Yah Shih Chan

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124-Apr-2020A Clinical Teaching Blended Learning Program to Enhance Registered Nurse Preceptors' Teaching Competencies: Pretest and Posttest StudyWu, Xi Vivien ; Chi, Yuchen ; Selvam, Umadevi Panneer; Devi, M Kamala ; Wang, Wenru ; Chan, Yah Shih ; Wee, Fong Chi; Zhao, Shengdong ; Sehgal, Vibhor; Ang, Neo Kim Emily 
222-Dec-2020Designing a rubric for reflection in nursing: A Legitimation Code Theory and Systemic Functional Linguistics-informed frameworkLaetitia Monbec ; Namala Tilakaratna ; Mark Brooke ; Lydia Lau ; Yah Shih Chan ; Vivien Wu
325-Jun-2021Insights into an interdisciplinary project on critical reflection in nursing: Using SFL and LCT to enhance SoTL research and practiceTilakaratna, NL ; Brooke, M ; Monbec, L ; Lau, ST ; Wu, VX ; Chan, YS 
411-Jan-2022Perspectives of nurse preceptors on a web-based clinical pedagogy program and clinical teaching: A descriptive qualitative studyRodrigues, Natalie Grace; Han, Claudia Qin Yun; Devi, Kamala M ; Chi, Yuchen ; Selvam, Umadevi Panneer; Wee, Fong Chi; Ang, Emily Neo Kim ; Chan, Yah Shih ; Wu, Xi Vivien 
51-Sep-2017A randomized-controlled trial to examine the effectiveness of the 'Home-but not Alone' mobile-health application educational programme on parental outcomesShorey, Shefaly ; Lau, Ying Y ; Dennis, Cindy-Lee; Chan, Yah Shih ; Tam, Wilson WS ; Chan, Yiong Huak 
61-Jan-2018A systematic review of online learning programs for nurse preceptorsWu, Xi Vivien ; Chan, Yah Shih ; Tan, Kimberlyn Hui Shing; Wang, Wenru 
71-Jan-2023Using a 3-Phase Peer Feedback to Enhance Nursing Students' Reflective Abilities, Clinical Competencies, Feedback Practices, and Sense of EmpowermentZhang, Hui ; Yoong, Si Qi ; Dong, Yan Hong ; Goh, Sam Hongli ; Lim, Siriwan ; Chan, Yah Shih ; Wang, Wenru ; Wu, Xi Vivien 
81-May-2023Using peer feedback to enhance nursing students’ reflective abilities, clinical competencies, and sense of empowerment: A mixed-methods studyYoong, SQ ; Wang, W ; Chao, FFT; Dong, Y ; Goh, SH ; Chan, YS ; Lim, S ; Seah, ACW ; Wu, XV ; Zhang, H 
91-Jan-2020A web-based clinical pedagogy program to enhance registered nurse preceptors' teaching competencies - An innovative process of development and pilot program evaluationWu, Xi Vivien ; Chi, Yuchen ; Chan, Yah Shih ; Wang, Wenru ; Ang, Emily Neo Kim ; Zhao, Shengdong ; Sehgal, Vibhor ; Wee, Fong Chi; Selvam, Umadevi Panneer; Devi, M Kamala