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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
124-Apr-2020A Clinical Teaching Blended Learning Program to Enhance Registered Nurse Preceptors' Teaching Competencies: Pretest and Posttest StudyWu, Xi Vivien ; Chi, Yuchen ; Selvam, Umadevi Panneer; Devi, M Kamala ; Wang, Wenru ; Chan, Yah Shih ; Wee, Fong Chi; Zhao, Shengdong ; Sehgal, Vibhor; Ang, Neo Kim Emily 
22011Assessing age-related performance decrements in user interface tasksZhou, X.; Zhao, S. ; Chignell, M.; Ren, X.
32012AutoComPaste: Auto-completing text as an alternative to copy-pasteZhao, S. ; Chevalier, F.; Ooi, W.T. ; Lee, C.Y.; Agarwal, A.
42013AutoGami: A low-cost rapid prototyping toolkit for automated movable paper craftZhu, K.; Zhao, S. 
52012Beyond stereo: An exploration of unconventional binocular presentation for novel visual experienceZhang, H.; Cao, X.; Zhao, S. 
62015ColorBless: Augmenting visual information for colorblind people with binocular luster effectChua, Soon Hau; Zhang, Haimo ; Hammad, Muhammad ; Zhao, Shengdong ; Goyal, Sahil; Singh, Karan S.
725-Apr-2020Considering Wake Gestures for Smart Assistant UsePomykalski, Patryk; Woźniak, Mikołaj P; Woźniak, Paweł W; Grudzień, Krzysztof; Zhao, Shengdong ; Romanowski, Andrzej
82013Designing an effective vibration-based notification interface for mobile phonesSaket, B.; Prasojo, C.; Huang, Y.; Zhao, S. 
92009Designing laser gesture interface for robot controlIshii, K.; Zhao, S. ; Inami, M.; Igarashi, T.; Imai, M.
102014DRACO: Bringing life to illustrationsKazi, R.H.; Zhao, S. ; Chevalier, F.; Fitzmaurice, G.; Grossman, T.
112014Draco: Bringing life to illustrations with kinetic texturesKazi, R.H.; Chevalier, F.; Grossman, T.; Zhao, S. ; Fitzmaurice, G.
1218-Apr-2017Editorial of the Special Issue on Mobile Human-Computer InteractionFiona Nah; Dongsong Zhang; John Krogstie; Shengdong Zhao 
139-Sep-2019Enhancing Augmented VR Interaction via Egocentric Scene AnalysisTian, Yang; Fu, Chi-Wing; Zhao, Shengdong ; Li, Ruihui; Tang, Xiao; Hu, Xiaowei; Heng, Pheng-Ann 
142012Exploring user motivations for eyes-free interaction on mobile devicesYi, B.; Cao, X.; Fjeld, M.; Zhao, S. 
1521-Apr-2020EYEditorGhosh, Debjyoti; Foong, Pin Sym ; Zhao, Shengdong ; Liu, Can ; Janaka, Nuwan; Erusu, Vinitha
162011Farmer's tale: A facebook game to promote volunteerismJianqiang, D.S.; Ma, X. ; Zhao, S. ; Khoo, J.T.; Bay, S.L. ; Jiang, Z. 
172014Food messaging: Using an edible medium for social messagingWei, J.; Ma, X.; Zhao, S. 
182013Holy smartphones and tablets, Batman! Mobile interaction's dynamic DuoPiazza, T.; Fjeld, M.; Ramos, G.; Yantac, A.E.; Zhao, S. 
192012ICMI'12 grand challenge - Haptic voice recognitionSim, K.C. ; Zhao, S. ; Yu, K.; Liao, H.
202014L.IVE an integrated interactive video-based learning environmentMonserrat, T.-J.K.; Zhao, S. ; Li, Y.; Cao, X.