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Sim Khe Chai
(not current staff)
Sim, K.C.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12010A minimum variance asynchronous detection error trade-off performance analysis for multi-class detection problemsSim, K.C. 
22009A phone verification approach to pronunciation quality assessment for spoken language learningSim, K.C. 
32011A trajectory-based parallel model combination with a unified static and dynamic parameter compensation for noisy speech recognitionSim, K.C. ; Luong, M.-T. 
42012A two-stage speaker adaptation approach for subspace gaussian mixture model based nonnative speech recognitionLi, B.; Sim, K.C. 
52012A weighted combination of speech with text-based models for arabic diacritizationAzim, A.S.; Wang, X.; Sim, K.C. 
62012An investigation of tied-mixture GMM based triphone state clusteringWang, G.; Sim, K.C. 
718-Oct-2013Approximated Parallel Model Combination for efficient noise-robust speech recognitionSim, K.C. 
82010Comparison of discriminative input and output transformations for speaker adaptation in the hybrid NN/HMM systemsLi, B.; Sim, K.C. 
92011Comparison of smoothing techniques for robust Context Dependent acoustic modelling in hybrid NN/HMM systemsWang, G.; Sim, K.C. 
102013Context dependent acoustic keyword spotting using deep neural networkWang, G.; Sim, K.C. 
112013Context-dependent modelling of deep neural network using logistic regressionWang, G.; Sim, K.C. 
122012Design and implementation of the note-taking style haptic voice recognition for mobile devicesMoon, S.; Sim, K.C. 
132009Discriminative product-of-expert acoustic mapping for cross-lingual phone recognitionSim, K.C. 
142012Dynamic conditional random fields for joint sentence boundary and punctuation predictionWang, X.; Ng, H.T. ; Sim, K.C. 
152010Haptic voice recognition: Augmenting speech modality with touch events for efficient speech recognitionSim, K.C. 
162010Hidden Logistic Linear Regression for Support Vector Machine based phone verificationLi, B.; Sim, K.C. 
172012ICMI'12 grand challenge - Haptic voice recognitionSim, K.C. ; Zhao, S. ; Yu, K.; Liao, H.
182012Implicit trajectory modelling using temporally varying weight regression for automatic speech recognitionLiu, S.; Sim, K.C. 
192012Improving mandarin predictive text input by augmenting pinyin initials with speech and tonal informationWang, G.; Li, B.; Liu, S.; Wang, X.; Wang, X.; Sim, K.C. 
202013Improving robustness of deep neural networks via spectral masking for automatic speech recognitionLi, B.; Sim, K.C.