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124-Apr-2020A Clinical Teaching Blended Learning Program to Enhance Registered Nurse Preceptors' Teaching Competencies: Pretest and Posttest StudyWu, Xi Vivien ; Chi, Yuchen ; Selvam, Umadevi Panneer; Devi, M Kamala ; Wang, Wenru ; Chan, Yah Shih ; Wee, Fong Chi; Zhao, Shengdong ; Sehgal, Vibhor; Ang, Neo Kim Emily 
21-Feb-2015A systematic review of clinical assessment for undergraduate nursing studentsWu, Xi ; Enskar, Karin; Lee, Ching Siang Cindy ; Wang, Wenru 
32016Compression-only cardiopulmonary resuscitation in improving bystanders' cardiopulmonary resuscitation performance: A literature reviewMin Ko R.J.; Wu V.X. ; Lim S.H.; San Tam W.W. ; Liaw S.Y. 
42016Development and psychometric testing of Holistic Clinical Assessment Tool (HCAT) for undergraduate nursing studentsWu X.V. ; Enskär K.; Pua L.H.; Heng D.G.N.; Wang W. 
52018Easy-to-learn cardiopulmonary resuscitation training programme: A randomised controlled trial on laypeople’s resuscitation performanceKo R.J.M.; Lim S.H.; Wu V.X. ; Leong T.Y.; Liaw S.Y. 
617-Nov-2020Effectiveness of psychosocial interventions on older adults with mild cognitive Impairment: A systematic review and meta-analysisGigi Chow; Javeil Ke En Gan; Janice Kuang Yeung Chan; Xi Vivien Wu ; Piyanee Klainin-Yobas 
71-Jan-2021The effectiveness of self-management interventions with action-taking components in improving health-related outcomes for adult stroke survivors: a systematic review and meta-analysisOh, HX; De Silva, DA ; Toh, ZA; Pikkarainen, M; Wu, VX ; He, HG 
82021Health promotion in the community via an intergenerational platform: Intergenerational e-health Literacy Program (I-HeLP)Wu, Xi Vivien 
926-Nov-2021Impacts of COVID-19 and partial lockdown on family functioning, intergenerational communication and associated psychosocial factors among young adults in SingaporeTam, Wilson Wai San ; Poon, Sum Nok ; Mahendran, Rathi ; Kua, Ee Heok ; Wu, Xi Vivien 
107-May-2020Nurse-patient interaction and self-transcendence: assets for a meaningful life in nursing home residents?Haugan, Gørill; Kuven, Britt Moene; Eide, Wenche Mjanger; Taasen, Siv Eriksen; Rinnan, Eva; Xi Wu, Vivien ; Drageset, Jorunn; André, Beate
111-Apr-2015Nursing students' experiences with the use of authentic assessment rubric and case approach in the clinical laboratoriesWu, Xi ; Heng, Mary Anne; Wang, Wenru 
127-Jun-2020Social capital and health communication in Singapore: An examination of the relationships between community participation, perceived neighborliness and health communication behaviorsJeong Kyu Lee ; Lavinia Lin ; Xi Vivien Wu 
13Sep-2019The development and pilot study of a nurse-led HOMe-based HEart failure self-Management Programme (the HOM-HEMP) for patients with chronic heart failure, following Medical Research Council guidelinesJiang, Ying ; Shorey, Shefaly ; Nguyen, Hoang D; Wu, Vivien Xi ; Lee, Choy Yee; Yang, Lee Fung; Koh, Karen Wei Ling ; Wang, Wenru