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Sheena Ramazanu


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12020Couples coping in the community after the stroke of a spouse: A scoping reviewSHEENA RAMAZANU ; Alice Yuen Loke; Vico Chung Lim Chiang
22021COVID-19 Pandemic in Hong Kong and Gaza Strip: Lessons Learned from the Two of the Most Densely Populated Spots in the World.Sheena Ramazanu 
322-Jun-2021Cultural Perspectives on Pain Assessment and Opioid Use: International Neuroscience Nursing Research Symposium Conference ProceedingsSHEENA RAMAZANU ; Bautista, Cynthia; Amatangelo, Mary P.; Baby, Priya; Cassier-Woidasky, Anne-Kathrin
424-Oct-2021Effectiveness of Public Education Campaigns for Stroke Symptom Recognition and Response in Non-Elderly Adults: A Systematic Review and Meta-AnalysisJiayi Tan; Sheena Ramazanu ; Sok Ying Liaw ; Wei Ling Chua 
517-Apr-2022Effectiveness of technology-based interventions on psychological morbidities, quality of life for informal caregivers of stroke survivors: A systematic review and meta-analysisWei Jien Chin; Yun Ling Selina Ho; SHEENA RAMAZANU ; Sakiko Itoh; Piyanee Klainin-Yobas ; Xi Vivien Wu
622-Jul-2021Seroprevalence of anti-SARS-CoV-2 antibodies in Africa: A systematic review and meta-analysisMaster R. O. Chisale; SHEENA RAMAZANU ; Saul Eric Mwale; Pizga Kumwenda; Balwani C. Mbakaya
722-Jun-2021Struck by a Storm: Reflections on the Perceived Uncertainties of Poststroke RecoverySHEENA RAMAZANU ; Vico C L Chiang
8Feb-2021The Experiences and Evaluation of a Complex Intervention for Couples Coping With StrokeSHEENA RAMAZANU ; Vico Chung Lim Chiang; Valimaki, Maritta
92020The Experiences of Couples Affected by Stroke and Nurses Managing Patient Rehabilitation: A Descriptive Study in SingaporeSHEENA RAMAZANU ; Doris LEUNG; Vico Chung Lim Chiang