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12015A Completely Different Ball Game: Content and Language Integrated Learning through the Sociology of Sport.Brooke, Mark 
215-Mar-2022A Corpus-Based Approach to Teaching Reporting Verbs and Linking Adverbs in Undergraduate Literature ReviewsBrooke, Mark 
319-Nov-2014A study of the government and media discourse on active ageing in Singapore and its effects on the lived experiences of Singapore seniors.Brooke, Mark 
47-May-2020An 11-country analysis of newspaper coverage of the 2016 Rio Paralympic GamesJadeera Cheong; Selina Khoo; Chiaki Inoue; Jhalukpreya Surujlale; Niki Cheong; Mahdi Esfahani; Po-Hsiu Lin; MARK BROOKE ; Yan Li; Heaja Chun; Abdulrahman Alshahrany; Ali al-shamli; Rizal Razman
52014Attribution and Authorial (Dis) Endorsement in High- and Low-rated Undergraduate ESL Students' English Academic Persuasive EssaysBrooke, Mark 
62014Bidding for a lion's share: Singapore's Olympic medal aspirations through the Foreign Sporting Talent SchemeBrooke, Mark 
722-Aug-2016Changing perceptions of disability through sport: the case of Singaporean wheelchair basketballC. T. Yeam; Mark Brooke 
822-Dec-2020Designing a rubric for reflection in nursing: A Legitimation Code Theory and Systemic Functional Linguistics-informed frameworkLaetitia Monbec ; Namala Tilakaratna ; Mark Brooke ; Lydia Lau ; Yah Shih Chan ; Vivien Wu
919-Jul-2016Developing coaching strategies to enhance Singaporean athletes’ competency motivationsBrooke, Mark 
102022Exploring Masculinities in Ancient and Up-and-Coming Sports in South East Asia.Brooke, Mark 
112020‘Feminist’ in the sociology of sport: An analysis using legitimation code theory and corpus linguisticsBrooke, M. 
121-Jan-2015Fongzi, dragons and corporate culture: An analysis of corporate dragon-boat paddlers’ motivationsBrooke, Mark 
131-Feb-2019Gimme diplomacy': a critical discourse analysis on golf diplomacy between Singapore and the United StatesSean Chan; Mark Brooke 
141-Apr-2019Guiding teacher talk in the CLIL classroom using Semantics from Legitimation Code TheoryMark Brooke 
152015Implementing the scaffolding interaction cycle to enable first year undergraduate students to write effective summary-reflectionsBrooke, Mark 
1617-May-2021Insider perspectives on the sustainability of the malaysian and singaporean paralympic movementsBrooke, Mark ; Khoo, Selina
1725-Jun-2021Insights into an interdisciplinary project on critical reflection in nursing: Using SFL and LCT to enhance SoTL research and practiceTilakaratna, NL ; Brooke, M ; Monbec, L ; Lau, ST ; Wu, VX ; Chan, YS 
1820-Dec-2022Integrating Content and Language in Higher Education: Developing academic literacyNavera, Gene Segarra; Wong, Jock ; Monbec, laetitia; Tilakaratna, namala; Ramanujan, Anuradha; E Kwan Lin, Marissa; Fong, Yoke Sim ; Tan, Lynette; Brooke, Mark 
191-Sep-2016It’s not how old you are, it’s how you are old. State discourse on successful ageing in SingaporeBrooke, Mark 
202-Feb-2017Masculinity in Singapore: the residual culture of the Chinese martial artistMark Brooke