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M Kamala Devi
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Kamala Devi M.


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
124-Apr-2020A Clinical Teaching Blended Learning Program to Enhance Registered Nurse Preceptors' Teaching Competencies: Pretest and Posttest StudyWu, Xi Vivien ; Chi, Yuchen ; Selvam, Umadevi Panneer; Devi, M Kamala ; Wang, Wenru ; Chan, Yah Shih ; Wee, Fong Chi; Zhao, Shengdong ; Sehgal, Vibhor; Ang, Neo Kim Emily 
21-Jan-2020A web-based clinical pedagogy program to enhance registered nurse preceptors' teaching competencies - An innovative process of development and pilot program evaluationWu, Xi Vivien ; Chi, Yuchen ; Chan, Yah Shih ; Wang, Wenru ; Ang, Emily Neo Kim ; Zhao, Shengdong ; Sehgal, Vibhor ; Wee, Fong Chi; Selvam, Umadevi Panneer; Devi, M Kamala 
31-Feb-2022A web-based clinical pedagogy program to promote professional development for nurse preceptors: A quasi-experimental studyWu, XV ; Selvam, UP; Wang, W ; Ang, ENK ; Devi, KM ; Wee, FC; Zhao, S; Sehgal, V ; Chi, Y 
41-Jan-2022Disruptive behavior in a high-power distance culture and a three-dimensional framework for curbing itLim, S ; Goh, EY; Tay, E; Tong, YK ; Chung, D; Devi, K ; Tan, CH ; Indran, IR 
52015Factors affecting life expectancy: Evidence from 1980-2009 data in Singapore, Malaysia, and ThailandChan, Moon Fai ; Kamala Devi M. 
61-Mar-2024Nursing students' perspectives and learning experiences of participating in a palliative and end-of-life care simulation programme: A qualitative studyYoong, SQ ; Schmidt, LT ; Chao, FFT; Devi, KM ; Wang, W ; Zhang, H 
711-Jan-2022Perspectives of nurse preceptors on a web-based clinical pedagogy program and clinical teaching: A descriptive qualitative studyRodrigues, Natalie Grace; Han, Claudia Qin Yun; Devi, Kamala M ; Chi, Yuchen ; Selvam, Umadevi Panneer; Wee, Fong Chi; Ang, Emily Neo Kim ; Chan, Yah Shih ; Wu, Xi Vivien 
827-Sep-2019The Elephant in the Room – Disruptive Behaviour by Healthcare Professionals in Our Local HospitalsInthrani Raja Indran ; M. Kamala Devi ; Sandy Lim ; Tan Chay Hoon 
931-Aug-2021The perspectives of health professionals and patients on racism in healthcare: A qualitative systematic reviewSim, Wilson; Lim, Wen Hui; Ng, Cheng Han; Chin, Yip Han; Yaow, Clyve Yu Leon; Cheong, Clare Wei Zhen; Khoo, Chin Meng ; Samarasekera, Dujeepa D. ; Devi, M. Kamala ; Chong, Choon Seng 
10Nov-2023Using palliative and end-of-life simulation to enhance pre-licensure nursing students' emotional intelligence, palliative care knowledge and reflective abilities: A single group, pretest-posttest studyYoong, Si Qi ; Schmidt, Laura Tham ; Devi, Kamala M ; Zhang, Hui