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Chan, Moon Fai
Chan, M.F.


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1Sep-2013A randomised controlled study to explore the effect of life story review on depression in older Chinese in SingaporeChan, M.F. ; Ng, S.E.; Tien, A. ; Man Ho, R.C.; Thayala, J.
2Oct-2013A study to explore nurses' knowledge in using the Glasgow coma scale in an acute care hospitalMattar, Ihsan; Liaw, Sok Ying ; Chan, Moon Fai 
3Jun-2011Damage accrual, cumulative glucocorticoid dose and depression predict anxiety in patients with systemic lupus erythematosusMak, A. ; Tang, C.S.-K. ; Chan, M.-F. ; Cheak, A.A.-C. ; Ho, R.C.-M. 
42009Effect of music on depression levels and physiological responses in community-based older adults: Feature ArticleChan, M.F. ; Chan, E.A.; Mok, E.; Kwan, Tse F.Y.
52010Effects of music on depression and sleep quality in elderly people: A randomised controlled trialChan, M.F. ; Chan, E.A.; Mok, E.
62010Evaluation of a nurse-led disease management programme for chronic kidney disease: A randomized controlled trialWong, F.K.Y.; Chow, S.K.Y.; Chan, T.M.F. 
72010Exploring the profiles of nurses' job satisfaction in Macau: Results of a cluster analysisChan, M.F. ; Leong, S.M.; Luk, A.L.; Yeung, S.M.; Van, I.K.
82010Exploring the relationship of sociodemographic changes, economic instability and the availability of health resources with birth ratesChan, M.F. ; Van, I.K.; I, Ng W.
92011Factors affecting infant mortality rates: evidence from 1969-2008 data in SingaporeChan, M.F. 
102009Factors affecting knowledge, attitudes, and skills levels for nursing staff toward the clinical management system in Hong KongChan, M.F. 
112015Factors affecting life expectancy: Evidence from 1980-2009 data in Singapore, Malaysia, and ThailandChan, Moon Fai ; Kamala Devi M. 
122012Factors Affecting Registered Nurses’ Use of Medication Administration Technology in Acute Care Settings: A Systematic Review.SERENA KOH SIEW LIN ; Chan Moon Fai ; Tay, HS
132009Factors associated with perceived sleep quality of nurses working on rotating shiftsChan, M.F. 
142009Factors influencing Macao nurses' intention to leave current employmentChan, M.F. ; Luk, A.L.; Leong, S.M.; Yeung, S.M.; Van, I.K.
152008Investigating factors associate to nurses' attitudes towards perinatal bereavement careChan, M.F. ; Wu, L.H.; Chung, L.Y.F.; Lou, F.-L.; Cao, F.-L.; Li, P.; Lui, L.; Arthur, D.G. ; Sagara-Rosemeyer, M. 
162009Investigating factors associated with depression of older women in MacauChan, M.F. ; Zeng, W.
17Dec-2010Investigating factors associated with functional constipation of primary school children in Hong KongChan, M.F. ; Chan, Y.L.
18Aug-2013Investigating nurses' knowledge, attitudes and self-confidence patterns to perform the conscious level assessment: A cluster analysisChan, M.F. ; Matter, I.
192008Investigating nursing students' perceptions of the changes in a nursing curriculum by means of the Dundee Ready Education Environment Measure (DREEM) inventory: Results of a cluster analysisO'Brien, A.P. ; Chan, T.M.F. ; Cho, M.A.A. 
202008Investigating the health profile of Macau ChineseChan, M.F. ; Zhu, M.X.