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Ho, R.C.-M.
Ho, R.
Ho, R.C.-M.
Ho, R.C.
Ho, R.C.M.
Chun-Man, Ho R.
Chun-Man Ho, R.
Ho, Chun Man Roger
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1201525-hydroxyvitamin D3 deficiency independently predicts cognitive impairment in patients with systemic lupus erythematosusTay S.H.; Ho C.S. ; Ho R.C.-M.; Mak A. 
22018A bibliometric analysis of the global research trend in child maltreatmentTran B.X.; Van Pham T.; Ha G.H.; Ngo A.T.; Nguyen L.H.; Vu T.T.M.; Do H.N.; Nguyen V.; Le Nguyen A.T.; Tran T.T.; Truong N.T.; Hoang V.Q.; Ho T.M.; Van Dam N.; Vuong T.T.; Nguyen H.Q.; Le H.T.; Do H.T.; Moir M.; Shimpuku Y.; Dhimal M.; Arya S.S.; Nguyen T.H.; Bhattarai S.; Latkin C.A.; Ho C.S.H.; Ho R.C.M. 
322-Oct-2019A Global Bibliometric Analysis of Antiretroviral Treatment Adherence: Implications for Interventions and Research Development (GAPRESEARCH)Bach Tran; Chi Linh Hoang; Wilson Tam ; Hai Thanh Phan; Giang Thu Vu; Carl Latkin; Cyrus S.H. Ho; Roger Ho 
42020A quantitative and qualitative study on the neuropsychiatric sequelae of acutely ill COVID-19 inpatients in isolation facilitiesHao, F.; Tam, W. ; Hu, X.; Tan, W.; Jiang, L.; Jiang, X.; Zhang, L.; Zhao, X.; Zou, Y.; Hu, Y.; Luo, X.; McIntyre, R.S.; Quek, T.; Tran, B.X.; Zhang, Z.; Pham, H.Q.; Ho, C.S.H. ; Ho, R.C.M. 
52017A study on the influence of internet addiction and online interpersonal influences on health-related quality of life in young VietnameseTran, B.X; Huong, L.T; Hinh, N.D; Nguyen, L.H; Le, B.N; Nong, V.M; Thuc, V.T.M; Tho, T.D; Latkin, C; Zhang, M.W ; Ho, R.C 
62020A Systematic Review of the Impact of Viral Respiratory Epidemics on Mental Health: An Implication on the Coronavirus Disease 2019 PandemicLuo, Y.; Chua, C.R.; Xiong, Z.; Ho, R.C. ; Ho, C.S.H. 
72009Amnesia, political ambition, and canned tunaHo, R.C. ; Ng, P.M.; Mak, A. ; Lam, S.Y.; Tan, E.S.
82013An international multicenter study on quality of life and family quality of life in children with atopic dermatitisChernyshov P.V.; Jirakova A.; Ho R.C.M. ; Moed H.; Caldeira A.P.; Alvarenga T.M.; Park C.W.; Hercogova J.
92017Analysis of print news media framing of ketamine treatment in the United States and Canada from 2000 to 2015Zhang M.W.B. ; Hong Y.X.; Husain S.F. ; Harris K.M.; Ho R.C.M. 
102020Anxiety and Depression Among People Under the Nationwide Partial Lockdown in VietnamLe, H.T.; Lai, A.J.X.; Sun, J.; Hoang, M.T.; Vu, L.G.; Pham, H.Q.; Nguyen, T.H.; Tran, B.X.; Latkin, C.A.; Le, X.T.T.; Nguyen, T.T.; Pham, Q.T.; Ta, N.T.K.; Nguyen, Q.T.; Ho, R.C.M. ; Ho, C.S.H.
111-Nov-2020Asian-Pacific perspective on the psychological well-being of healthcare workers during the evolution of the COVID-19 pandemicChew, Nicholas WS; Ngiam, Jinghao Nicholas; Tan, Benjamin Yong-Qiang; Sai-Meng, Tham; Tan, Celine Yan-Shan; Jing, Mingxue; Sagayanathan, Renarebecca; Chen, Jin Tao; Wong, Lily YH; Ahmad, Aftab; Khan, Faheem Ahmed; Marmin, Maznah; Hassan, Fadhlina Binte; Sharon, Tai Mei-Ling; Lim, Chin Han; Bin Mohaini, Mohamad Iqbal; Danuaji, Rivan; Nguyen, Thang H; Tsivgoulis, Georgios; Tsiodras, Sotirios; Fragkou, Paraskevi C; Dimopoulou, Dimitra; Sharma, Arvind K; Shah, Kenam; Patel, Bhargesh; Sharma, Suktara; Komalkumar, RN; Meenakshi, R; Talati, Shikha; Teoh, Hock Luen ; Ho, Cyrus S; Ho, Roger C ; Sharma, Vijay K 
1215-Jul-2021Association of Gut Microbiome Dysbiosis with Neurodegeneration: Can Gut Microbe-Modifying Diet Prevent or Alleviate the Symptoms of Neurodegenerative Diseases?Tan, Li Yang; Yeo, Xin Yi ; Bae, Han-Gyu; Lee, Delia Pei Shan ; Ho, Roger C ; Kim, Jung Eun ; Jo, Dong-Gyu; Jung, Sangyong 
132009Atherogenic serum lipid profile is an independent predictor for gouty flares in patients with gouty arthropathyMak, A. ; Teng, G.G.; Lahiri, M.; Lateef, A.; Vasoo, S.; Boey, M.L. ; Koh, D.R. ; Feng, P.H. ; Tan, J.Y.-S.; Ho, R.C.-M. 
142018Attention bias in individuals with addictive disorders: Systematic review protocolZhang, M ; Ying, J; Song, G; Ho, R.C.M ; Fung, D.S.S; Smith, H
152020Attitudes about and practices for skin cancer prevention among patients with dermatological issues in Hanoi, Vietnam: A cross-sectional studyNguyen, T.H.T.; Tran, B.X.; Nguyen, S.H.; Latkin, C.A.; Nguyen, C.T.; Nguyen, S.H.; Pham, H.Q.; Ho, C.S.H.; Ho, R.C.M. ; Oh, J.-K.
162009Bisphosphonates and atrial fibrillation: Bayesian meta-analyses of randomized controlled trials and observational studiesMak, A. ; Cheak, A.A.-C. ; Cheung, M.W. ; Ho, R.C.-M. ; Lau, C.S.
17Jan-2013Body esteem in Chinese adolescents: Effect of gender, age, and weightMak, K.-K.; Pang, J.S.; Lai, C.-M.; Ho, R.C. 
182008Body mass index, waist circumference, waist-hip ratio and depressive symptoms in Chinese elderly: A population-based studyHo, R.C.M. ; Niti, M. ; Kua, E.H. ; Ng, T.-P. ; Yap, K.B.
192020Brief relaxation practice induces significantly more prefrontal cortex activation during arithmetic tasks comparing to viewing greenery images as revealed by functional near-infrared spectroscopy (Fnirs)Zhang, Z.; Olszewska-Guizzo, A. ; Husain, S.F. ; Bose, J.; Choi, J.; Tan, W.; Wang, J.; Tran, B.X.; Wang, B.; Jin, Y.; Xuan, W.; Yan, P.; Li, M.; Ho, C.S.H.; Ho, R. 
202009Buprenorphine prescription, misuse and service provision: A global perspectiveHo, R.C.M. ; Chen, K.Y.; Broekman, B. ; Mak, A.