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119-Mar-2022A systematic review and meta-analysis on the effectiveness of web-based psychosocial interventions on patients with colorectal cancerWan, Su Wei; Chng, Yun Jia Devon; Lim, Siew Hoon ; Chong, Choon Seng ; Pikkarainen, Minna; He, Hong-gu 
210-Jul-2021A Theory-Based, Multidisciplinary Approach to Cocreate a Patient-Centric Digital Solution to Enhance Perioperative Health Outcomes among Colorectal Cancer Patients and Their Family Caregivers: Development and Evaluation StudyWan, Su Wei; Chong, Choon Seng ; Toh, Ee-Lin ; Lim, Siew Hoon; Loi, Carol T. T.; Lew, Yuen Foong Henry; Chua, Matthew Chin Heng ; Jee, Xin Pei; Liu, Guangyu ; Zhu, Lixia ; Pikkarainen, Minna; He, Hong-Gu 
33-Aug-2020Incidence of SARS-CoV-2 infection in inflammatory bowel diseaseLee, MH ; Ng, CH; Chin, YH; Muthiah, M ; Foo, FJ ; Chong, CS 
41-Feb-2017Laparoscopic Anterior Resection with Transvaginal Specimen Extraction (TVSE) for Colorectal Cancer and Concomitant Total Hysterectomy and Bilateral Salpingo-Oophrectomy (THBSO): A Technical DescriptionTan C.-H.N.; Chong C.-S. ; Fong Y.-F.; Rauff S.; Tan K.-K. 
52020Neoadjuvant therapy in locally advanced colon cancer: A meta-analysis and systematic reviewCheong, C.K.; Nistala, K.R.Y.; Ng, C.H.; Syn, N.; Chang, H.S.Y.; Sundar, R. ; Yang, S.Y.; Chong, C.S. 
626-May-2022Pan-cancer pervasive upregulation of 3 ' UTR splicing drives tumourigenesisChan, Jia Jia ; Zhang, Bin ; Chew, Xiao Hong ; Salhi, Adil; Kwok, Zhi Hao; Lim, Chun You ; Desi, Ng ; Subramaniam, Nagavidya; Siemens, Angela; Kinanti, Tyas; Ong, Shane; Sanchez-Mejias, Avencia ; Ly, Phuong Thao; An, Omer ; Sundar, Raghav; Fan, Xiaonan ; Wang, Shi ; Siew, Bei En ; Lee, Kuok Chung; Chong, Choon Seng ; Lieske, Bettina ; Cheong, Wai-Kit; Goh, Yufen ; Fam, Wee Nih ; Ooi, Melissa G ; Koh, Bryan TH; Iyer, Shridhar Ganpathi ; Ling, Wen Huan ; Chen, Jianbin ; Yoong, Boon-Koon; Chanwat, Rawisak; Bonney, Glenn Kunnath; Goh, Brian KP ; Zhai, Weiwei; Fullwood, Melissa J ; Wang, Wilson ; Tan, Ker-Kan ; Chng, Wee Joo ; Dan, Yock Young ; Pitt, Jason J ; Roca, Xavier; Guccione, Ernesto ; Vardy, Leah A; Chen, Leilei ; Gao, Xin; Chow, Pierce KH ; Yang, Henry; Tay, Yvonne 
71-May-2017Patient safety in surgical education (PASSED): A pilot study using ipad game to teach patient safety in undergraduate medical curriculumKow A.W.C. ; Ang S.B.L.; Chong C.S. ; Tan W.B. ; Kumar M.R.
81-May-2017Response to Re: Bacteriological study in perianal abscess is not useful and not cost-effectiveXu R.; Tan K.-K. ; Chong C.-S. 
931-Aug-2021The perspectives of health professionals and patients on racism in healthcare: A qualitative systematic reviewSim, Wilson; Lim, Wen Hui; Ng, Cheng Han; Chin, Yip Han; Yaow, Clyve Yu Leon; Cheong, Clare Wei Zhen; Khoo, Chin Meng ; Samarasekera, Dujeepa D. ; Devi, M. Kamala ; Chong, Choon Seng 
102-Feb-2021The unspoken reality of gender bias in surgery: A qualitative systematic reviewLim, Wen Hui; Wong, Chloe; Jain, Sneha Rajiv; Ng, Cheng Han; Tai, Chia Hui; Kamala Devi, M.; Samarasekera, Dujeepa D. ; Iyer, Shridhar Ganpathi ; Chong, Choon Seng 
111-Dec-2017Thinking out of the Gut: A case of obscure lower GI bleedingKoh F.H.; Chan H.-L.; Petersson F.; Chong C.-S. 
121-Aug-2021Transverse colostomy differs in outcomes compared to sigmoid colostomy: a cohort analysisDylen Yit Cheung Mun; James Wai Kit Lee; Yi Ting Lim ; Tharun Ragupathi; Jing Yu Ng; Frances Lim; Ridzuan Farouk; Choon Seng Chong