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Bok Yan, Jimmy So
So, B.Y.
So, J.B.
So, B.Y.J.
So, J.B.-Y.
So, J.B.Y.
So, J.
Bo, J.B.
Yan, J.S.B.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
115-May-2021"3G" Trial: An RNA Editing Signature to Guide Gastric Cancer ChemotherapyAn, Omer ; Song, Yangyang ; Ke, Xinyu; So, Jimmy Bok-Yan ; Sundar, Raghav ; Yang, Henry ; Rha, Sun Young; Lee, Ming Hui ; Tay, Su Ting ; Ong, Xuewen ; Tan, Angie Lay Keng ; Ng, Matthew Chau Hsien ; Tantoso, Erwin; Chen, Leilei ; Tan, Patrick ; Yong, Wei Peng 
21-Dec-2017A Multimodal Analgesic Protocol Reduces Opioid-Related Adverse Events and Improves Patient Outcomes in Laparoscopic Sleeve GastrectomyNg J.J.; Leong W.Q.; Tan C.S.; Poon K.H.; Lomanto D. ; So J.B.Y. ; Shabbir A. 
317-Mar-2022A Point Mutation R122C in RUNX3 Promotes the Expansion of Isthmus Stem Cells and Inhibits Their Differentiation in the StomachDouchi, Daisuke; Yamamura, Akihiro ; Matsuo, Junichi ; Lee, Jung-Won; Nuttonmanit, Napat ; Lim, Yi Hui Melissa ; Suda, Kazuto ; Shimura, Mitsuhiro ; Chen, Sabirah ; Pang, ShuChin; Kohu, Kazuyoshi; Kaneko, Mari; Kiyonari, Hiroshi; Kaneda, Atsushi; Yoshida, Hideyuki; Taniuchi, Ichiro; Osato, Motomi ; Yang, Henry; Unno, Michiaki; So, Jimmy Bok-Yan ; Yeoh, Khay Guan ; Chuang, Linda Shyue Huey ; Bae, Suk-Chul; Ito, Yoshiaki 
41-Mar-2017A training model for introducing a novel surgical procedure into clinical practice: Our experience on peroral endoscopic myotomy for achalasiaChan D.K.H.; Wong R.K.M.; Phua J.N.S.; Shabbir A. ; Ho K.Y.; Chiu P.W.Y.; So J.B.Y. 
51-Jan-2018Acquired Resistance to FGFR Inhibitor in Diffuse-Type Gastric Cancer through an AKT-Independent PKC-Mediated Phosphorylation of GSK3 betaLau, Wen Min ; Teng, Eileen ; Huang, Kie Kyon; Tan, Jin Wei ; Das, Kakoli ; Zang, Zhijiang ; Chia, Tania; Teh, Ming ; Kono, Koji; Yong, Wei Peng; Shabbir, Asim; Tay, Amy; Phua, Niam Sin; Tan, Patrick ; Chan, Shing Leng ; So, Jimmy Bok Yan 
613-May-2021Admission discipline and timing of admission may influence outcomes for gastrointestinal bleeding patientsChue, Koy Min; Boey, Jonathan Yongwei; Ng, Bridget Si Min; Teh, Jun Liang; Kim, Guowei ; Shabbir, Asim ; Chan, Yiong Huak ; Hartman, Mikael ; So, Jimmy Bok Yan 
77-Dec-2017An unfortunate soul: a rare presentation of an uncommon pathology for upper gastrointestinal bleedingKoh FHX; Kim G; So JBY ; Petersson F; Shabbir A. 
82020Anaesthesia considerations and techniques for Pressurised IntraPeritoneal Aerosol Chemotherapy (PIPAC)Shree, V.; Lim, T.J.; Lean, L.L.; So, B.Y.J. ; Kim, G. 
915-Jul-2017Anti-tumor efficacy evaluation of a novel monoclonal antibody targeting neutral amino acid transporter ASCT2 using patient-derived xenograft mouse models of gastric cancerKasai N.; Sasakawa A.; Hosomi K.; Poh T.W.; Chua B.L.; Yong W.P.; So J. ; Chan S.L.; Soong R.; Kono K.; Ishii T.; Yamano K.
10Mar-2011Cancer of the gastric cardia is rising in incidence in an Asian population and is associated with adverse outcomeDeans, C.; Yeo, M.S.W.; Soe, M.Y.; Shabbir, A.; Ti, T.K. ; So, J.B.Y. 
111-May-2014CD44v8-10 Is a Cancer-Specific Marker for Gastric Cancer Stem CellsLau, Wen Min ; Teng, Eileen ; Chong, Hui Shan; Lopez, Kirsten Anne Pagaduan ; Tay, Amy Yuh Ling ; Salto-Tellez, Manuel ; Shabbir, Asim ; So, Jimmy Bok Yan ; Chan, Shing Leng 
122007Comparing T2 and T2-T3 ablation in thoracoscopic sympathectomy for palmar hyperhidrosis: A randomized control trialKatara, A.N.; Domino, J.P.; Cheah, W.-K.; So, J.B. ; Lomanto, D. 
132012Connection tubing causing small bowel obstruction and colonic erosion as a rare complication after laparoscopic gastric banding: A case reportTan, L.B.K.; So, J.B.Y. ; Shabbir, A.
141-Mar-2017Conversion Surgery Post-Intraperitoneal Paclitaxel and Systemic Chemotherapy for Gastric Cancer Carcinomatosis Peritonei. Are We Ready?Chan D.Y.S.; Syn N.L.-X.; Yap R.; Phua J.N.S.; Soh T.I.P.; Chee C.E.; Nga M.E.; Shabbir A. ; So J.B.Y. ; Yong W.P.
15Sep-2021Coronavirus viability in surgical plume and methods for safe disposal: a preclinical modelChia, Daryl KA; Lim, Zhixue; Ang, Jia Jun; Tambyah, Paul A ; Lau, Kelly SH; Ong, Joe; Chow, Vincent TK ; Allen, David M ; Fung, Javis; Lau, Kenny JX; Luhung, Irvan; Schuster, Stephan C; Lee, Chuen Neng ; Kim, Guowei ; So, Jimmy BY ; Lomanto, Davide ; Shabbir, Asim 
16Jun-2008Diagnostic laparoscopy in the evaluation of right lower abdominal pain: A one-year auditLim, G.H. ; Shabbir, A.; So, J.B.Y. 
171-Dec-2021Disruption of her2-induced pd-l1 inhibits tumor cell immune evasion in patient-derived gastric cancer organoidsChakrabarti, J; Koh, V ; Steele, N; Hawkins, J; Ito, Y ; Merchant, JL; Wang, J; Helmrath, MA; Ahmad, SA; So, JBY ; Yong, WP ; Zavros, Y
181-Oct-2020DNA damage signalling as an anti-cancer barrier in gastric intestinal metaplasiaKrishnan, Vaidehi ; Lim, Debbie Xiu En ; Hoang, Phuong Mai ; Srivastava, Supriya ; Matsuo, Junichi ; Huang, Kie Kyon ; Zhu, Feng ; Ho, Khek Yu ; So, Jimmy Bok Yan ; Khor, Christopher ; Tsao, Stephen; Teh, Ming ; Fock, Kwong Ming ; Ang, Tiing Leong ; Jeyasekharan, Anand D ; Tan, Patrick ; Yeoh, Khay-Guan ; Ito, Yoshiaki 
19May-2000Duodenal ulcer perforation following cyanoacrylate injection.Cheah, W.K. ; So, J. ; Chong, S.M. ; Goh, P. 
202001Early experience with laparoscopic radical gastrectomy for advanced gastric cancerGoh, P.M.Y. ; Khan, A.Z.; So, J.B.Y. ; Lomanto, D. ; Cheah, W.-K. ; Muthiah, R.; Gandhi, A.