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Wei Keat Cheah
Cheah, W.-K.
Cheah, W.K.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Apr-2006Contrast CT in localization of acute lower gastrointestinal bleedingLim, C.M. ; Shridhar, I. ; Tan, L. ; Cheah, W.-K. 
2May-2000Duodenal ulcer perforation following cyanoacrylate injection.Cheah, W.K. ; So, J. ; Chong, S.M. ; Goh, P. 
32001Early experience with laparoscopic radical gastrectomy for advanced gastric cancerGoh, P.M.Y. ; Khan, A.Z.; So, J.B.Y. ; Lomanto, D. ; Cheah, W.-K. ; Muthiah, R.; Gandhi, A.
42010Endoscopic total extraperitoneal repair of recurrent inguinal hernia: a 5-year reviewGoo, T.T.; Lawenko, M.; Cheah, W.K. ; Tan, C.; Lomanto, D. 
5Oct-2005Improvements in health care for patients undergoing thyroidectomyRamanujam, L.N.; Cheah, W.-K. 
6Jun-2010Intramuscular injection of parathyroid autografts is a viable option after total parathyroidectomyTan, C.C.; Cheah, W.K. ; Tan, C.T.K.; Rauff, A. 
7Dec-2002Laparoscopic appendectomy for perforated appendicitisSo, J.B.Y. ; Chiong, E.-C.; Chiong, E. ; Cheah, W.-K. ; Lomanto, D. ; Goh, P. ; Kum, C.K.] 
8Apr-2007Laparoscopic partial adrenalectomy for bilateral cortisol-secreting adenomasDomino, J.P.; Chionh, S.B.; Lomanto, D. ; Katara, A.N.; Rauff, A. ; Cheah, W.-K. 
9Feb-2005Laparoscopic-assisted management of small bowel obstruction due to phytobezoarGanpathi, I.S. ; Cheah, W.-K. 
101-Oct-2004Loss of parafibromin immunoreactivity is a distinguishing feature of parathyroid carcinomaTan, M.-H.; Morrison, C.; Wang, P.; Yang, X.; Haven, C.J.; Zhang, C.; Zhao, P.; Tretiakova, M.S.; Korpi-Hyovalti, E.; Burgess, J.M.; Khee, C.S.; Cheah, W.-K. ; Cao, B.; Resau, J.; Morreau, H.; Bin, T.T.
11Mar-1999Needlescopic or minisite cholecystectomyNgoi, S.S. ; Goh, P. ; Kok, K.; Kum, C.K. ; Cheah, W.K. 
122002Ondansetron in the prevention of postoperative nausea and vomiting after laparoscopic cholecystectomy: A prospective randomized studySo, J.B.Y. ; Cheong, K.F. ; Sng, C. ; Cheah, W.K. ; Goh, P. 
13Dec-2011Pharyngoesophageal diverticulum resembling a thyroid nodule on ultrasoundSingaporewalla, R.M.; Mukherjee, J.J.; Thamboo, T.P. ; Cheah, W.K. 
14Sep-2004Posterior mediastinal goiterChong, C.-F.; Cheah, W.-K. ; Sin, F.-L.; Wong, P.-S. 
151-Nov-2011Single-port access adrenalectomy: Our initial experienceGoo, T.T.; Agarwal, A.; Goel, R.; Tan, C.T.K. ; Lomanto, D. ; Cheah, W.K. 
16Aug-2013Single-port endo-laparoscopic surgery in combined abdominal procedures.Kim, G.; Lomanto, D. ; Lawenko, M.M.; Lopez-Gutierrez, J.; Lee-Ong, A.; Iyer, S.G. ; Cheah, W.K. ; So, J.B. ; Tsang, C.B. ; Fong, Y.F.
17Nov-2000Telesurgical laparoscopic cholecystectomy between two countries.Cheah, W.K. ; Lee, B. ; Lenzi, J.E. ; Goh, P.M.