Full Name
Bih Shiou, Charles Tsang
Bih-Shiou, C.T.
Tsang, C.B.-S.
Tsang, C.B.
Tsang, C.
Tsang, C.B.S.
Main Affiliation


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Dec-2007A region and gradient based active contour model and its application in boundary tracking on anal canal ultrasound imagesXiao, D.; Ng, W.S.; Tsang, C.B. ; Abeyratne, U.R.
2Jul-2010Artificial bowel sphincter implantation for faecal incontinence in Asian patientsChittawatanarat, K.; Koh, D.C. ; Seah, A.A.; Cheong, W.-K.; Tsang, C.B. 
3Dec-2008Cholesterol atheroembolism of the colon can mimic the endoscopic features of pseudomembranous colitisLim, G.-H.; Roslani, A.C.; Pang, B. ; Bih-Shiou, C.T. 
42010Hand-assisted laparoscopic abdomino-perineal resection utilizing the planned end colostomy siteKoh, D.C. ; Law, C.-W.; Kristian, I.; Cheong, W.-K.; Tsang, C.B. 
52009Hand-assisted laparoscopic colectomy versus standard laparoscopic colectomy: A cost analysisRoslani, A.C.; Koh, D.C. ; Tsang, C.B. ; Wong, K.S. ; Cheong, W.K.; Wong, H.B.
6Apr-2009Is laparoscopic colectomy as cost beneficial as open colectomy?Shabbir, A.; Roslani, A.C.; Wong, K.-S. ; Tsang, C.B.S. ; Wong, H.-B.; Cheong, W.-K.
7Jul-2005Multigradient field-active contour model for multilayer boundary detection of ultrasound rectal wall imageXiao, D.; Ng, W.S.; Abeyratne, U.R.; Tsang, C.B. 
82009Natural history of small, "indeterminate" hepatic lesions in patients with colorectal cancerLim, G.-H.; Koh, D.C.-S. ; Cheong, W.-K.; Wong, K.-S. ; Tsang, C.B.-S. 
92003Rapid prototyping and tooling in the production of polymeric meshed-type colon stentAng, K.S.; Lim, C.S.; Ng, W.S.; Tsang, C. ; Chai, G.B.
10Aug-2013Single-port endo-laparoscopic surgery in combined abdominal procedures.Kim, G.; Lomanto, D. ; Lawenko, M.M.; Lopez-Gutierrez, J.; Lee-Ong, A.; Iyer, S.G. ; Cheah, W.K. ; So, J.B. ; Tsang, C.B. ; Fong, Y.F.
11Nov-2011The anatomy of failures following the ligation of intersphincteric tract technique for anal fistula: A review of 93 patients over 4 yearsTan, K.-K.; Tan, I.J.; Lim, F.S.; Koh, D.C. ; Tsang, C.B. 
12Dec-2012To LIFT or to Flap? Which surgery to perform following seton insertion for high anal fistula?Tan, K.-K.; Alsuwaigh, R.; Tan, A.M.; Tan, I.J.; Liu, X.; Koh, D.C. ; Tsang, C.B.