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12012A meta-analysis examining the use of tacker fixation versus no-fixation of mesh in laparoscopic inguinal hernia repairKöckerling, F.; Jacob, D.A.; Chowbey, P.; Lomanto, D. 
21-Dec-2017A Multimodal Analgesic Protocol Reduces Opioid-Related Adverse Events and Improves Patient Outcomes in Laparoscopic Sleeve GastrectomyNg J.J.; Leong W.Q.; Tan C.S.; Poon K.H.; Lomanto D. ; So J.B.Y. ; Shabbir A. 
3Aug-2012C. R. Berney: "the Endoloop technique for the primary closure of direct inguinal hernia defect during the endoscopic totally extraperitoneal approach"Köckerling, F.; Jacob, D.A.; Lomanto, D. ; Chowbey, P.
4Sep-2009Comments on: Starting a laparoscopic hepatectomy programmeYong, S.C.K.; Madhavan, K.; Lomanto, D. 
52007Comparing T2 and T2-T3 ablation in thoracoscopic sympathectomy for palmar hyperhidrosis: A randomized control trialKatara, A.N.; Domino, J.P.; Cheah, W.-K.; So, J.B. ; Lomanto, D. 
62006Consensus conference on the stapled transanal rectal resection (STARR) for disordered defaecationCorman, M.L.; Mellgren, A.F.; Senagore, A.J.; Wexner, S.D.; Carriero, A.; Stuto, A.; Hager, T.; Herold, A.; Jayne, D.G.; Nicholls, J.; Lehur, P.-A.; Lomanto, D. ; Longo, A.; Nystrom, P.-O.
7Sep-2021Coronavirus viability in surgical plume and methods for safe disposal: a preclinical modelChia, Daryl KA; Lim, Zhixue; Ang, Jia Jun; Tambyah, Paul A ; Lau, Kelly SH; Ong, Joe; Chow, Vincent TK ; Allen, David M ; Fung, Javis; Lau, Kenny JX; Luhung, Irvan; Schuster, Stephan C; Lee, Chuen Neng ; Kim, Guowei ; So, Jimmy BY ; Lomanto, Davide ; Shabbir, Asim 
815-Oct-2019Correction to: Update of Guidelines for laparoscopic treatment of ventral and incisional abdominal wall hernias (International Endohernia Society (IEHS))—Part A (Surgical Endoscopy, (2019), 33, 10, (3069-3139), 10.1007/s00464-019-06907-7)Bittner, R; Bain, K; Bansal, VK; Berrevoet, F; Bingener-Casey, J; Chen, D; Chen, J; Chowbey, P; Dietz, UA; de Beaux, A; Ferzli, G; Fortelny, R; Hoffmann, H; Iskander, M; Ji, Z; Jorgensen, LN; Khullar, R; Kirchhoff, P; Köckerling, F; Kukleta, J; LeBlanc, K; Li, J; Lomanto, D ; Mayer, F; Meytes, V; Misra, M; Morales-Conde, S; Niebuhr, H; Radvinsky, D; Ramshaw, B; Ranev, D; Reinpold, W; Sharma, A; Schrittwieser, R; Stechemesser, B; Sutedja, B; Tang, J; Warren, J; Weyhe, D; Wiegering, A; Woeste, G; Yao, Q
91-Jan-2022COVID-19 and the impact on surgical training and education in SingaporeSeow, Choon Sheong ; Lomanto, Davide ; Ooi, London Lucien 
102001Early experience with laparoscopic radical gastrectomy for advanced gastric cancerGoh, P.M.Y. ; Khan, A.Z.; So, J.B.Y. ; Lomanto, D. ; Cheah, W.-K. ; Muthiah, R.; Gandhi, A.
111-Dec-2017Early weight loss after laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy predicts midterm weight loss in morbidly obese AsiansChew C.A.Z.; Tan I.J.-W.; Ng H.J.H.; Lomanto D. ; So J. ; Shabbir A. 
1211-May-2020ELSA recommendations for minimally invasive surgery during a community spread pandemic: a centered approach in Asia from widespread to recovery phasesShabbir, Asim; Menon, Raj K; Somani, Jyoti ; So, Jimmy BY ; Ozmen, M Mahir; Chiu, Philip WY ; Lomanto, Davide 
132004Endoscopic extraperitoneal inguinal hernia repair: A series of 182 repairsCheah, W.K.; So, J.B.; Lomanto, D. 
142010Endoscopic total extraperitoneal repair of recurrent inguinal hernia: a 5-year reviewGoo, T.T.; Lawenko, M.; Cheah, W.K. ; Tan, C.; Lomanto, D. 
152010Enhancement of spatial orientation and haptic perception for master-slave robotic Natural Orifice Transluminal Endoscopic Surgery (NOTES)Yang, K.; Sun, Z.L.; Kencana, A.P.; Huynh, V.A.; Rasouli, M.; Phee, S.J.; Lomanto, D. ; Ho, K.Y. 
161-Sep-2017Gallstone Disease After Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy in an Asian Population—What Proportion of Gallstones Actually Becomes Symptomatic?Hasan M.Y.; Lomanto D. ; Loh L.L.; So J.B.Y. ; Shabbir A. 
17Aug-2012Guidelines for laparoscopic (TAPP) and endoscopic (TEP) treatment of inguinal herniaKöckerling, F.; Jacob, D.A.; Lomanto, D. ; Chowbey, P.
182011Guidelines for laparoscopic (TAPP) and endoscopic (TEP) treatment of inguinal Hernia [International Endohernia Society (IEHS)]Bittner, R.; Arregui, M.E.; Bisgaard, T.; Dudai, M.; Ferzli, G.S.; Fitzgibbons, R.J.; Fortelny, R.H.; Klinge, U.; Kockerling, F.; Kuhry, E.; Kukleta, J.; Lomanto, D. ; Misra, M.C.; Montgomery, A.; Morales-Conde, S.; Reinpold, W.; Rosenberg, J.; Sauerland, S.; Schug-Paß, C.; Singh, K.; Timoney, M.; Weyhe, D.; Chowbey, P.
192014Guidelines for laparoscopic treatment of ventral and incisional abdominal wall hernias (International Endohernia Society (IEHS) - Part 1Bittner, R; Bingener-Casey, J; Dietz, U; Fabian, M; Ferzli, G.S; Fortelny, R.H; K�ckerling, F; Kukleta, J; LeBlanc, K; Lomanto, D ; Misra, M.C; Bansal, V.K; Morales-Conde, S; Ramshaw, B; Reinpold, W; Rim, S; Rohr, M; Schrittwieser, R; Simon, Th; Smietanski, M; Stechemesser, B; Timoney, M; Chowbey, P
202014Guidelines for laparoscopic treatment of ventral and incisional abdominal wall hernias (International Endohernia Society [IEHS]) - Part 2Bittner, R.; Bingener-Casey, J.; Dietz, U.; Fabian, M.; Ferzli, G.S.; Fortelny, R.H.; Köckerling, F.; Kukleta, J.; LeBlanc, K.; Lomanto, D. ; Misra, M.C.; Morales-Conde, S.; Ramshaw, B.; Reinpold, W.; Rim, S.; Rohr, M.; Schrittwieser, R.; Simon, Th.; Smietanski, M.; Stechemesser, B.; Timoney, M.; Chowbey, P.