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Chong Siew Meng
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Siew, Meng Chong
Chong, S.M.
Chong, S.-M.
Siew, M.C.
Meng, Chong S.
Chong, S.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12001A distinct expression of CC chemokines by macrophages in nasopharyngeal carcinoma: Implication for the intense tumor infiltration by T lymphocytes and macrophagesTang, K.F.; Tan, S.Y. ; Chan, S.H. ; Chong, S.M. ; Loh, K.S.; Tan, L.K.S. ; Hu, H. 
21991A study of the xenogeneic response in an isolated liver perfusion circuit--preliminary observations.Lim, S.M. ; Heng, K.K. ; Chin, L.G.; Lim, N.K.; Li, S.Q. ; Seah, M.L.; Chong, S.M. ; Wee, A.; Rauff, A. 
31990An analysis of concordant xenograft rejection in the nude rat modelLim, S.M.L. ; Wee, A.; Chong, S.M. ; White, D.J.G.
41995Aspiration cytology of liver abscesses: With an emphasis on diagnostic pitfallsWee, A. ; Nilsson, B. ; Yap, I. ; Chong, S.-M. 
51992Bilateral carcinoid tumor of the breast: Report of a case with diagnosis by fine needle aspiration cytologyWee, A. ; Nilsson, B. ; Siew, Meng Chong ; Raju, G.C. 
61991Both concordant and discordant heart xenografts are rejected by athymic (nude) rats with the same tempo as in T cell competent animalsLim, S.M.L. ; Li, S.Q. ; Wee, A.; Chong, S.M. ; Hu, C.; Rauff, A. ; White, D.J.G.
71998Characteristics and prognosis of KI-1 positive anaplastic large cell lymphoma in AsiansLee, S.-C.; Lehnert, M. ; Wong, J.; Kueh, Y.K. ; Chong, S.M. ; Tan, Y.O.
82002Detection of ALK Gene Rearrangements in Formalin-Fixed, Paraffin-Embedded Tissue Using a Fluorescence In Situ Hybridization (FISH) Probe: A Search for Optimum Conditions of Tissue Archiving and Preparation for FISHTan, L.H.C. ; Chong, S.M. ; Koay, E.S.C. ; Do, E.
9May-2000Duodenal ulcer perforation following cyanoacrylate injection.Cheah, W.K. ; So, J. ; Chong, S.M. ; Goh, P. 
101997Glomus tumour of the musculoskeletal systemHee, H.T.; De, S.D.; Chong, S.M. 
112000Haptoglobin reduces renal oxidative DNA and tissue damage during phenylhydrazine-induced hemolysisLim, Y.K.; Jenner, A.; Ali, A.B. ; Wang, Y.; Hsu, I.-H.S. ; Chong, S.M. ; Baumman, H.; Halliwell, B. ; Lim, S.-K.
121999Increased production of interferon-γ by tumour infiltrating T lymphocytes in nasopharyngeal carcinoma: Indicative of an activated statusFai, Tang K.; Ha, Chan S. ; Hu, H. ; Seng, Loh K.; Wang, D. ; Hian, Yeoh K. ; Meng, Chong S. 
1314-Aug-2020Integration of antiangiogenic therapy with cisplatin and gemcitabine chemotherapy in patients with nasopharyngeal carcinoma.Chong, Wan Qin; Lim, Chwee Ming ; Sinha, Arvind Kumar ; Tan, Chee Seng ; Chan, Gloria Hui Jia; Huang, Yiqing; Barr Kumarakulasinghe, Nesaretnam; Sundar, Raghav ; Jeyasekharan, Anand D ; Loh, Woei Shyang ; Tay, Joshua K. ; Yadav, Kritika ; Wang, Lingzhi ; Wong, Andrea L. ; Kong, Li Ren ; Soo, Ross Andrew ; Lau, Jieying Amelia ; Soon, Yu Yang ; Goh, Robby Miguel; Ho, Francis Cho Hao ; Chong, Siew Meng ; Lee, Soo-Chin ; Loh, Kwok Seng ; Tai, Bee Choo ; Lim, Yaw Chyn ; Goh, Boon Cher 
142006Intralaryngeal thyroglossal duct cyst: Implications for the migratory pathway of the thyroglossal ductLoh, W.S. ; Loh, K.S. ; Chong, S.M. 
15Aug-2001Laparoscopic excision of duodenal tumors.Cheah, W.K.; Lenzi, J.E.; Chong, S. ; Goh, P.M. 
162004Lymphocytic gastritis-like T cell lymphoma: Molecular evidence of an unusual recurrenceNga, M.E. ; Teh, M. ; Koay, E.S.C. ; Chong, S.M. ; Putti, T.C. ; Salto-Tellez, M. ; Tan, S.H.
171997Malignant melanoma: An uncommon cause of small round cell malignancy in childhood [1]Chong, S.-M. ; Nilsson, B.S. ; Quah, T.-C. ; Wee, A. 
18Sep-1998Malignant ovarian germ cell tumours: Experience in the National University Hospital of SingaporeLim, F.-K. ; Chanrachakul, B.; Chong, S.M. ; Ratnam, S.S. 
192004Multi-lineage interrogation of the performance characteristics of a split-signal fluorescence in situ hybridization probe for anaplastic lymphoma kinase gene rearrangements: A study of 101 cases characterized by immunohistomorphology on fixed archival tissueTan, L.H.C. ; Siew, M.C. ; Koay, E.S.C. ; Do, E.; Soo, Y.T.
201997Plasma macrophage colony-stimulating factor and P-selectin levels in malaria-associated thrombocytopeniaLee, S.H. ; Chan, J.; Looareesuwan, S.; Wilairatana, P.; Vanijanonta, S.; Chong, S.M. ; Chong, B.H.