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11-Sep-2020Can radiotherapy finally “go live” in the management of liver metastases?John, Reggie G; Ho, Francis ; Appalanaido, Gokula K; Chen, Desiree; Tey, Jeremy ; Soon, Yu Yang ; Vellayappan, Balamurugan A 
4210-Oct-2020Care redesign of pelvic radiotherapy using Design Thinking: An enhanced quality improvement initiative.Ho, Cho Hao Francis ; Tey, Jeremy Chee Seong ; Ooi, Kiat Huat ; Tan, Teng Hwee ; Leong, Yiat Horng; Chia, David
431-Apr-2021Case Report—Staged brachytherapy achieving complete metabolic response in unresectable oligometastatic colorectal cancer to the liverAppalanaido, Gokula Kumar; Bahajjaj, Sheikh Izzat Bin Zainal-Abidin; Shukor, Syadwa Abdul; Ahmad, Muhammad Zabidi; Francis, Ho Cho Hao 
4414-Aug-2020Integration of antiangiogenic therapy with cisplatin and gemcitabine chemotherapy in patients with nasopharyngeal carcinoma.Chong, Wan Qin; Lim, Chwee Ming ; Sinha, Arvind Kumar ; Tan, Chee Seng ; Chan, Gloria Hui Jia; Huang, Yiqing; Barr Kumarakulasinghe, Nesaretnam; Sundar, Raghav ; Jeyasekharan, Anand D ; Loh, Woei Shyang ; Tay, Joshua K. ; Yadav, Kritika ; Wang, Lingzhi ; Wong, Andrea L. ; Kong, Li Ren ; Soo, Ross Andrew ; Lau, Jieying Amelia ; Soon, Yu Yang ; Goh, Robby Miguel; Ho, Francis Cho Hao ; Chong, Siew Meng ; Lee, Soo-Chin ; Loh, Kwok Seng ; Tai, Bee Choo ; Lim, Yaw Chyn ; Goh, Boon Cher 
51-Jul-2020Navigating the challenges of the COVID-19 outbreak: Perspectives from the radiation oncology service in SingaporeTey, Jeremy ; Ho, Shaun; Choo, Bok Ai; Ho, Francis ; Yap, Swee Peng; Tuan, Jeffrey KL ; Leong, Cheng Nang ; Cheo, Timothy ; Sommat, Kiattisa; Wang, Michael LC 
616-Feb-2021Palliative Radiotherapy for Bladder cancer: A systematic review and meta-analysisJeremy Tey ; Francis Cho Hao Ho ; Wee Yao Koh ; David Chia; Kiat Huat Ooi ; Jeffrey Tuan ; BALAMURUGAN VELLAYAPPAN ; Yu Yang Soon 
7Apr-2022Remaining agile in the COVID-19 pandemic healthcare landscape – How we adopted a hybrid telemedicine geriatric oncology care model in an academic tertiary cancer centerChen, Matthew ; Said, Noorhanah Mohd; Rais, Nydia Camelia Mohd; Ho, Francis ; Ling, Natalie; Chun, Meiling ; Ng, Yean Shin; Eng, Wan Nghee; Yao, Yao; Korc-Grodzicki, Beatriz; Pang, Angela 
822-Apr-2022Survival Rates and Safety Associated with Chemoradiotherapy Followed by Surgery and Chemoradiotherapy Alone for Patients with T4 Esophageal Cancer: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysisChia Ching Lee; Yu Yang Soon ; Balamurugan Vellayappan ; Francis Cho Hao Ho ; Jeremy Tey