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12018Adoption of prophylactic cranial irradiation (PCI) for extensive stage small cell lung cancer (ES-SCLC): A population based outcome studySoon, Y.Y. ; Zheng, H.; Ho, S.Z.; Koh, W.Y. ; Leong, C.N. ; Tey, J.C.S. ; Vellayappan, B. ; Yap, S.P.; Tham, I.W.K. ; Fong, K.W. 
21-Aug-2019Are heart doses associated with survival in patients with non-small cell lung cancer who received post-operative thoracic radiotherapy? A national population-based studyLee, Chia Ching; Chua, Gail Wan Ying ; Zheng, Huili ; Soon, Yu Yang ; Foo, Ling Li; Thiagarajan, Anuradha; Yap, Swee Peng; Siow, Tian Rui; Ng, Wee Loon ; Chua, Kevin Lee Min; Yip, Connie ; Chia, Brendan Seng Hup ; Ng, Yan Yee; Master, Zubin; Tan, Poh Wee; Tan, Yun Inn; Leong, Yuh Fun; Loria, Joan Faith Evacula; Vellayappan, Balamurugan ; Koh, Wee Yao ; Leong, Cheng Nang ; Tey, Jeremy Chee Seong ; Tham, Ivan Weng Keong ; Fong, Kam Weng 
319-Jun-2019Discordance of epidermal growth factor receptor mutation between primary lung tumor and paired distant metastases in non-small cell lung cancer: A systematic review and meta-analysisLee, Chia Ching; Soon, Yu Yang ; Tan, Char Loo ; Koh, Wee Yao ; Leong, Cheng Nang ; Tey, Jeremy Chee Seong ; Tham, Ivan Weng Keong 
42017Impact of epidermal growth factor receptor sensitizing mutations on outcomes of patients with non-small cell lung cancer treated with definitive thoracic radiation therapy: A systematic review and meta-analysisSoon, Y.Y ; Vellayappan, B ; Tey, J.C.S ; Leong, C.N ; Koh, W.Y ; Tham, I.W.K 
522-May-2021Lung Cancer in SingaporeAng, Yvonne LE; Chia, Puey Ling; Chua, Kevin LM; Devanand, Anantham ; Leong, Cheng Nang ; Liew, Charlene JY ; Ong, Boon Hean ; Samol, Jens; Seet, Ju Ee ; Tam, John KC ; Tan, Daniel SW ; Teo, Lynette LS ; Soo, Ross A 
61-Jul-2020Navigating the challenges of the COVID-19 outbreak: Perspectives from the radiation oncology service in SingaporeTey, Jeremy ; Ho, Shaun; Choo, Bok Ai; Ho, Francis ; Yap, Swee Peng; Tuan, Jeffrey KL ; Leong, Cheng Nang ; Cheo, Timothy ; Sommat, Kiattisa; Wang, Michael LC 
711-Apr-2017Palliative radiotherapy for gastric cancer: a systematic review and meta-analysisTey, Jeremy ; Soon, Yu Yang ; Koh, Wee Yao ; Leong, Cheng Nang ; Choo, Bok Ai ; Ho, Francis; Vellayappan, Balamurugan ; Lim, Keith ; Tham, Ivan Wk 
81-Apr-2019Palliative radiotherapy in symptomatic locally advanced gastric cancer: A phase II trialTey, Jeremy ; Zheng, Huili ; Soon, Yu Y ; Leong, Cheng N ; Koh, Wee Y ; Lim, Keith ; So, Jimmy BY ; Shabbir, Asim ; Tham, Ivan WK ; Lu, Jiade 
92018Pushing the limits of immune-related response: a case of “extreme pseudoprogression”Wong, A.S ; Thian, Y.-L ; Kapur, J ; Leong, C.-N ; Kee, P; Lee, C.-T; Lee, M.B
1013-Dec-2022Quantifying the changes in the tumour vascular micro-environment in spinal metastases treated with stereotactic body radiotherapy-a single arm prospective studyVellayappan, Balamurugan ; Cheong, Dennis; Singbal, Salil ; Tey, Jeremy ; Soon, Yu Yang ; Leong, Cheng Nang ; Wong, Alvin; Lwin, Sein ; Lee, Chau Hung; Periasamy, Pravin ; Lo, Simon; Kumar, Naresh