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Pravin S/O Periasamy
(not current staff)
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12013Development of two distinct dendritic-like APCs in the context of splenic stromaPeriasamy, P ; Petvises, S; O'Neill, H.C
22018Identification of genes which regulate stromadependent in vitro hematopoiesisPeriasamy P. ; Tran V.; O'Neill H.C.
32018In vitro murine hematopoiesis supported by signaling from a splenic stromal cell lineLim, H.K.; Periasamy, P. ; O’Neill, H.C.
42018MCSF drives regulatory DC development in stromal co-cultures supporting hematopoiesisPetvises S.; Periasamy P. ; O'Neill H.C.
52016Phenotypic and functional characterization of the major lymphocyte populations in the fruit-eating bat Pteropus alectoMartínez Gómez, J.M; Periasamy, P ; Dutertre, C.-A ; Irving, A.T ; Ng, J.H.J ; Crameri, G; Baker, M.L; Ginhoux, F ; Wang, L.-F ; Alonso, S 
613-Dec-2022Quantifying the changes in the tumour vascular micro-environment in spinal metastases treated with stereotactic body radiotherapy-a single arm prospective studyVellayappan, Balamurugan ; Cheong, Dennis; Singbal, Salil ; Tey, Jeremy ; Soon, Yu Yang ; Leong, Cheng Nang ; Wong, Alvin; Lwin, Sein ; Lee, Chau Hung; Periasamy, Pravin ; Lo, Simon; Kumar, Naresh 
72011Spleen as a site for hematopoiesis of a distinct antigen presenting cell typeO'Neill, H.C; Griffiths, K.L; Periasamy, P ; Hinton, R.A; Hey, Y.-Y ; Petvises, S; Tan, J.K.H
814-Mar-2019Studies on B Cells in the Fruit-Eating Black Flying Fox (Pteropus alecto)Periasamy, Pravin ; Hutchinson, Paul E ; Chen, Jinmiao ; Bonne, Isabelle ; Hameed, Shahana Shereene Shahul; Selvam, Pavithra; Hey, Ying Ying ; Fink, Katja; Irving, Aaron T ; Dutertre, Charles-Antoine ; Bakers, Michelle; Crameri, Gary; Wang, Lin-Fa ; Alonso, Sylvie 
92019Transplanted spleen stromal cells with osteogenic potential support ectopic myelopoiesisO'Neill, H.C.; Lim, H.K.; Periasamy, P. ; Kumarappan, L.; Tan, J.K.H.; O'Neill, T.J.