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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12018Exploring the genome and transcriptome of the cave nectar bat Eonycteris spelaea with PacBio long-read sequencingWen M. ; Ng J.H.J. ; Zhu F. ; Chionh Y.T.; Chia W.N.; Mendenhall I.H.; Lee B.P.Y.-H.; Irving A.T. ; Wang L.-F. 
217-Jan-2018IFNAR2-dependent gene expression profile induced by IFN-alpha in Pteropus alecto bat cells and impact of IFNAR2 knockout on virus infection (vol 12, e0182866, 2017)Zhang, Qian; Zeng, Lei-Ping; Zhou, Peng ; Irving, Aaron T ; Li, Shang ; Shi, Zheng-Li; Wang, Lin-Fa 
32016Phenotypic and functional characterization of the major lymphocyte populations in the fruit-eating bat Pteropus alectoMartínez Gómez, J.M; Periasamy, P ; Dutertre, C.-A ; Irving, A.T ; Ng, J.H.J ; Crameri, G; Baker, M.L; Ginhoux, F ; Wang, L.-F ; Alonso, S 
414-Mar-2019Studies on B Cells in the Fruit-Eating Black Flying Fox (Pteropus alecto)Periasamy, Pravin ; Hutchinson, Paul E ; Chen, Jinmiao ; Bonne, Isabelle ; Hameed, Shahana Shereene Shahul; Selvam, Pavithra; Hey, Ying Ying ; Fink, Katja; Irving, Aaron T ; Dutertre, Charles-Antoine ; Bakers, Michelle; Crameri, Gary; Wang, Lin-Fa ; Alonso, Sylvie 
52013Sustained low-dose treatment with the Histone deacetylase inhibitor LBH589 induces terminal differentiation of osteosarcoma cellsCain, J.E; McCaw, A; Jayasekara, W.S.N; Rossello, F.J; Marini, K.D; Irving, A.T ; Kansara, M; Thomas, D.M; Ashley, D.M; Watkins, D.N
62016Unique loss of the PYHIN gene family in bats amongst mammals: Implications for inflammasome sensingAhn, M ; Cui, J ; Irving, A.T ; Wang, L.-F 
72016Unlocking bat immunology: Establishment of Pteropus alecto bone marrow-derived dendritic cells and macrophagesZhou P.; Chionh Y.T.; Irac S.E.; Ahn M. ; Jia Ng J.H. ; Fossum E.; Bogen B.; Ginhoux F. ; Irving A.T. ; Dutertre C.-A. ; Wang L.-F.