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Azhar Bin Ali
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Bin, Ali A.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
15-Aug-2013Akt-Induced Phosphorylation of N-CoR at Serine 1450 Contributes to Its Misfolded Conformational Dependent Loss (MCDL) in Acute Myeloid Leukemia of the M5 SubtypeNin, D.S. ; Ali, A.B. ; Okumura, K.; Asou, N.; Chen, C.-S.; Chng, W.J.; Khan, M. 
22000An anemic patient with phenotypical β-thalassemic trait has elevated level of structurally normal β-globin mRNA in reticulocytesLim, S.-K. ; Ali, A.B. ; Law, H.Y.; Ng, I.; Chung, M.M.; Lee, S.-H.
3May-2004Are medullary breast cancers an indication for BRCA1 mutation screening? A mutation analysis of 42 cases of medullary breast cancerIau, P.T.C.; Marafie, M.; Ali, A. ; Sng, J.H. ; Macmillan, R.D.; Pinder, S.; Denley, H.E.; Ellis, I.O.; Wenzyck, P.; Scott, N.; Cross, G.; Blamey, R.W.
4Sep-2003BRCA1 c.2845insA is a founder mutation in Singaporean Malay women with early onset breast/ovarian cancer.Sng, J.H. ; Ali, A.B. ; Lee, S.C. ; Zahar, D.; Wong, J.E.; Cross, G.; Iau, P.T.
5Oct-2003BRCA1 c.2845insA is a recurring mutation with a founder effect in Singapore Malay women with early onset breast/ovarian cancer.Sng, J.H. ; Ali, A.B. ; Lee, S.C. ; Zahar, D.; Wong, J.E.; Blake, V.; Sharif, A.; Cross, G.; Iau, P.T.
62007BRCA1 disease-associated haplotypes in Singapore Malay women with early-onset breast/ovarian cancerAli, A.B. ; Sng, J.H. ; Iau, P.T.; Putti, T.C. 
72010Cancer-specific methylation in the BRCA1 promoter in sporadic breast tumoursAli, A.B. ; Iau, P.T.C.; Sng, J.-H. 
81-Apr-2003Expression of major HDL-associated antioxidant PON-1 is gender dependent and regulated during inflammationAli, A.B. ; Zhang, Q.; Lim, Y.K.; DONG FANG ; Retnam, L.; Lim, S.-K. 
92000Haptoglobin reduces renal oxidative DNA and tissue damage during phenylhydrazine-induced hemolysisLim, Y.K.; Jenner, A.; Ali, A.B. ; Wang, Y.; Hsu, I.-H.S. ; Chong, S.M. ; Baumman, H.; Halliwell, B. ; Lim, S.-K.
102003Hepatic expression of PPARα, a molecular target of fibrates, is regulated during inflammation in a gender-specific mannerTai, E.S. ; Loh, L.M.; Tan, C.E. ; Bin, Ali A. ; Zhang, Q. ; Lim, S.-K. ; Retnam, L.; El, Oakley R.M. 
112007Identification of novel BRCA large genomic rearrangements in Singapore Asian breast and ovarian patients with cancerLim, Y.K. ; Ali, A.B. ; Sng, J.-H. ; Iau, P.T.C.; Lee, S.C. ; Wong, J.-E. ; Putti, T.C. 
1223-Sep-2011Role of chaperone mediated autophagy (CMA) in the degradation of misfolded N-CoR protein in non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) cellsAli, A.B. ; Nin, D.S. ; Tam, J.; Khan, M. 
132006The founder mutation BRCA1c.2845insA identified in a fallopian tube cancer patient: A case reportDamayanti, Z.; Ilancheran, A. ; Ali, A.B. ; Sng, J.H. ; Iau, P.T.C.