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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
113-Oct-2019A comprehensive expression landscape of RNA binding proteins (RBPs) across 16 human cancer typesBin Zhang ; Kamesh R. Babu ; Chun You Lim ; Zhi Hao Kwok[student]; Jia Li ; Siqin Zhou ; Henry Yang ; Yvonne Tay 
22018A FTH1 gene:pseudogene:microRNA network regulates tumorigenesis in prostate cancerChan, J.J. ; Kwok, Z.H.; Chew, X.H. ; Zhang, B. ; Liu, C. ; Soong, T.W. ; Yang, H. ; Tay, Y. 
315-Jan-2019A NOVEL SOCS5/MIR-18/MIR-25 AXIS PROMOTES TUMORIGENESIS IN LIVER CANCERSanchez-Mejias, A ; Kwon, J; Chew, XH ; Siemens, A; Sohn, HS; Jing, G ; Zhang, B ; Yang, H ; Tay, Y 
42019The Butterfly Effect of RNA Alterations on Transcriptomic EquilibriumDesi, N. ; Tay, Y. 
52015Competing endogenous RNA networks: Tying the essential knots for cancer biology and therapeuticsSanchez-Mejias, A ; Tay, Y 
62017Identification of competing endogenous RNAs of the tumor suppressor gene PTEN: A probabilistic approachZarringhalam, K; Tay, Y ; Kulkarni, P; Bester, A.C; Pandolfi, P.P; Kulkarni, R.V
72020Non-coding rnas: Uncharted mediators of thyroid cancer pathogenesisTabatabaeian, H.; Yang, S.P. ; Tay, Y. 
82018Noncoding RNA: RNA regulatory networks in cancerChan, J.J ; Tay, Y 
92014Target competition: Transcription factors enter the limelightKarreth F.A.; Tay Y. ; Pandolfi P.P.
102019The Yin-Yang regulation of reactive oxygen species and microRNAs in cancerBabu, K.R. ; Tay, Y.