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Chin Heng Matthew Chua
Chua, M.
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110-Jul-2021A Theory-Based, Multidisciplinary Approach to Cocreate a Patient-Centric Digital Solution to Enhance Perioperative Health Outcomes among Colorectal Cancer Patients and Their Family Caregivers: Development and Evaluation StudyWan, Su Wei; Chong, Choon Seng ; Toh, Ee-Lin ; Lim, Siew Hoon; Loi, Carol T. T.; Lew, Yuen Foong Henry; Chua, Matthew Chin Heng ; Jee, Xin Pei; Liu, Guangyu ; Zhu, Lixia ; Pikkarainen, Minna; He, Hong-Gu 
21-Jan-2018Action recognition using multi-directional projected depth motion mapsSatyamurthi, S; Tian, J ; Chua, MCH 
32019Computational identification of vesicular transport proteins from sequences using deep gated recurrent units architectureLe, N.Q.K.; Yapp, E.K.Y.; Nagasundaram, N.; Chua, M.C.H. ; Yeh, H.-Y.
43-Aug-2017Design and Characterization of a Soft Robotic Therapeutic Glove for Rheumatoid ArthritisMatthew Chin Heng Chua ; Jeong Hoon Lim ; Chen-Hua Yeow 
513-Aug-2020Effects of Local and Global Spatial Patterns in EEG Motor-Imagery Classification using Convolutional Neural NetworkJacob Liao; Joy Jiayu Luo; Tao Yang; Rosa Qi Yue So; Matthew Chin Heng Chua 
623-Aug-2016Effects of visual feedback on motion mimicry ability during video-based rehabilitationVanessa Wei-Lin Mak; Jin Huat Low ; Matthew Chin Heng Chua ; Chen-Hua Yeow 
71-Jan-2021Explainable machine learning prediction of ICU mortalityChia, A.H.T.; Khoo, M.S.; Lim, A.Z.; Ong, K.E.; Sun, Y.; Nguyen, B.P.; Chua, M.C.H. ; Pang, J. 
823-May-2018Facial expression classification using salient pattern driven integrated geometric and textual featuresLi, Ruiqi ; Tian, Jing ; Chua, Matthew Chin Heng 
92015Patient-specific carbon nanocomposite tracheal prosthesisChua, M. ; Chui,C.-K. ; Teo, C.; Lau, D.
102017Propulsion-based soft robotic actuationChua, M.C.H ; Yeow, R.C.H 
112019Self-administered auricular acupressure integrated with a smartphone app for weight reduction: Randomized feasibility trialSuen, L.; Wang, W. ; Cheng, K.K.Y.; Chua, M.C.H. ; Yeung, J.W.F.; Koh, W.K. ; Yeung, S.K.W.; Ho, J.Y.S.
128-Nov-2021Using infrared imaging and deep learning in fit-checking of respiratory protective devices among healthcare professionalsSiah, Chiew-Jiat Rosalind ; Lau, Siew Tiang ; Tng, Sian Soo; Chua, Chin Heng Matthew