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Yeow, C.H.
Yeow, C.H.
Yeow, C.-H.


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1Jun-2011An investigation of lower extremity energy dissipation strategies during single-leg and double-leg landing based on sagittal and frontal plane biomechanicsYeow, C.H. ; Lee, P.V.S.; Goh, J.C.H. 
210-Aug-2017Antagonist muscle co-contraction during a double-leg landing maneuver at two heightsHossein Mokhtarzadeh; Chen Hua Yeow ; James Goh ; Denny Oetomo; Katie Ewing; Peter Vee Sin Lee
32010Cartilage repair using hyaluronan hydrogel-encapsulated human embryonic stem cell-derived chondrogenic cellsToh, W.S.; Cao, T. ; Lee, E.H. ; Guo, X.-M.; Chan, J.K.Y.; Yeow, C.H. ; Choo, A.B.
41-Apr-2013Contrasting effects of vasculogenic induction upon biaxial bioreactor stimulation of mesenchymal stem cells and endothelial progenitor cells cocultures in three-dimensional scaffolds under in vitro and in vivo paradigms for vascularized bone tissue engineeringLiu, Y.; Teoh, S.-H.; Chong, M.S.K.; Yeow, C.-H. ; Kamm, R.D.; Choolani, M.; Chan, J.K.Y.
526-Jul-2013Contributions of the Soleus and Gastrocnemius muscles to the anterior cruciate ligament loading during single-leg landingMokhtarzadeh, H.; Yeow, C.H. ; Hong Goh, J.C. ; Oetomo, D.; Malekipour, F.; Lee, P.V.S.
6Aug-2011Correlation of axial impact forces with knee joint forces and kinematics during simulated ski-landingYeow, C.-H. ; Kong, C.-Y.; Lee, P.V.-S.; Goh, J.C.-H. 
72018Corrigendum: Design and preliminary feasibility study of a Soft Robotic Glove for hand function assistance in Stroke Survivors [Front. Neurosci., 11, (2017) (547)] DOI: 10.3389/fnins.2017.00547Yap, H.K ; Lim, J.H ; Nasrallah, F; Yeow, C.-H 
82017Design and preliminary feasibility study of a soft robotic glove for hand function assistance in stroke survivorsYap, H.K ; Lim, J.H ; Nasrallah, F; Yeow, C.-H 
92017Design of a soft robotic elbow sleeve with passive and intent-controlled actuationKoh, T.H; Cheng, N ; Yap, H.K ; Yeow, C.-H 
1015-Feb-2018Design, characterisation and evaluation of a soft robotic sock device on healthy subjects for assisted ankle rehabilitationFanzhe Low ; Jeong Hoon Lim; Chen-Hua Yeow 
112010Direct contribution of axial impact compressive load to anterior tibial load during simulated ski landing impactYeow, C.H. ; Goh, J.C.H. ; Lee, P.V.S.
12Jan-2011Early detection of biomolecular changes in disrupted porcine cartilage using polarized Raman spectroscopyLim, N.S.J. ; Hamed, Z.; Yeow, C.H. ; Chan, C. ; Huang, Z. 
13Dec-2010Effect of an anterior-sloped brace joint on anterior tibial translation and axial tibial rotation: A motion analysis studyYeow, C.H. ; Gan, W.L.; Lee, P.V.S.; Goh, J.C.H. 
142009Effect of landing height on frontal plane kinematics, kinetics and energy dissipation at lower extremity jointsYeow, C.H. ; Goh, J.C.H. ; Lee, P.V.S.
1523-Aug-2016Effects of visual feedback on motion mimicry ability during video-based rehabilitationVanessa Wei-Lin Mak; Jin Huat Low ; Matthew Chin Heng Chua ; Chen-Hua Yeow 
16Jul-2010Extent and distribution of tibial osteochondral disruption during simulated landing impact with axial tibial rotation restraintYeow, C.H. ; Lee, P.V.S.; Goh, J.C.H. 
17Mar-2013Hamstrings and quadriceps muscle contributions to energy generation and dissipation at the knee joint during stance, swing and flight phases of level runningYeow, C.H. 
182016Identification of gastric cancer biomarkers using 1H nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometryRamachandran G.K.; Yong W.P.; Yeow C.H. 
192009Inhibition of anterior tibial translation or axial tibial rotation prevents anterior cruciate ligament failure during impact compressionYeow, C.H. ; Goh, J.C.H. ; Rubab, S.K.; Lee, P.V.S.
202010Investigating differences in water content across the tibial cartilageYeow, C.H. ; Tan, H.C.; Goh, C.H.