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Inthrani Raja Indran
Indran, I.R.


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11-Jan-2016A Dietary Medium-Chain Fatty Acid, Decanoic Acid, Inhibits Recruitment of Nur77 to the HSD3B2 Promoter In Vitro and Reverses Endocrine and Metabolic Abnormalities in a Rat Model of Polycystic Ovary SyndromeLee, Bao Hui; Indran, Inthrani Raja ; Tan, Huey Min ; Li, Yu; Zhang, Zhiwei; Li, Jun; Yong, Eu-Leong 
22013A shark liver gene-derived active peptide expressed in the silkworm, Bombyx mori: Preliminary studies for oral administration of the recombinant proteinLiu, Y; Chen, Y; Chen, J; Zhang, W; Sheng, Q; Chen, J; Yu, W; Nie, Z; Zhang, Y; Wu, W; Wang, L; Indran, I.R ; Li, J; Qian, L; Lv, Z
31-Nov-2016Cellular and Animal Studies: Insights into Pathophysiology and Therapy of PCOSIndran, Inthrani Raja ; Lee, Bao Hui; Yong, Eu-Leong 
4Aug-2018Cover Image, Volume 88, Issue 6Indran, Inthrani R ; Huang, Zhongwei; Khin, Lay Wai ; Chan, Jerry KY ; Viardot-Foucault, Veronique; Yong, Eu Leong 
51-Jan-2022Disruptive behavior in a high-power distance culture and a three-dimensional framework for curbing itLim, S ; Goh, EY; Tay, E; Tong, YK ; Chung, D; Devi, K ; Tan, CH ; Indran, IR 
6Dec-2021Effect of body mass index (BMI) on phenotypic features of polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) in Singapore women: a prospective cross-sectional studyNeubronner, Samantha A; Indran, Inthrani R ; Chan, Yiong Huak ; Thu, Angelica Win Pa ; Yong, Eu-Leong 
7Jul-2019Phenotypic spectrum of polycystic ovary syndrome and their relationship to the circadian biomarkers, melatonin and cortisol.Lim, Audrey JR ; Indran, Inthrani R ; Kramer, Michael S ; Yong, Eu-Leong 
81-Jun-2016Preclinical studies and clinical evaluation of compounds from the genus Epimedium for osteoporosis and bone healthIndran, Inthrani Raja ; Liang, Ryan Lim Zhen; Min, Tan Ee ; Yong, Eu-Leong 
91-Aug-2018Simplified 4-item criteria for polycystic ovary syndrome: A bridge too far?Indran, Inthrani R ; Huang, Zhongwei ; Khin, Lay Wai ; Chan, Jerry KY ; Viardot-Foucault, Veronique; Yong, Eu Leong 
1027-Sep-2019The Elephant in the Room – Disruptive Behaviour by Healthcare Professionals in Our Local HospitalsInthrani Raja Indran ; M. Kamala Devi ; Sandy Lim ; Tan Chay Hoon 
111-Apr-2017TRAF6 Mediates Suppression of Osteoclastogenesis and Prevention of Ovariectomy-Induced Bone Loss by a Novel PrenylflavonoidTan, Ee Min ; Li, Lei; Indran, Inthrani Raja ; Chew, Nicholas; Yong, Eu-Leong 
122010Tumor cell redox state and mitochondria at the center of the non-canonical activity of telomerase reverse transcriptaseIndran, I.R. ; Hande, M.P. ; Pervaiz, S.